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mindol-8879084Japanese subculture or what we all commonly know as geek culture has prevailed extensively worldwide, and with the full might of the Internet, it has become the competitive content that Japanese government promotes as ‘Cool Japan’ strategy. Enter the MINDOL token.

Essentially, MINDOL aims to circulate the MINDOL token online and create a market place of “eMINDOL” that offers functions of posting, voting, donation, settlement, and copyright management. The company aims to create an opportunity to use MINDOL token by developing contents and services, try to improve the benefit package in accordance with the holding period, and increase a number of stable holders of MINDOL token, implement dividend payment and buyback from the market to return a part of operating revenue, and finally try to advance the economic value.

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Fairly recently, MINDOL has agreed that AbuDhabi22 gets 33% of the cryptocurrency (MIN) that MINDOL issued by Tender Offer (TOB). MINDOL aims to strengthen strategic partnerships by implementing TOB. Both companies chose TOB as the strategic approach to make a purchase at a stable price because the acquisition pricet hat AbuDhabi22 planned is expected to significantly exceed the purchases via regular exchanges.

to-do-die-1973922MINDOL has targeted the market capitalization within 20th place, as they are at the 55th place as of September 18, 2018, while cryptocurrencies of more than 2000 stocks are listed. MINDOL also plans to develop an exclusive wallet that can be used on smartphones and existing projects such as influencer vote and online games to be developed in the future. The company also plans on participating in various movies, making Japanese anime movies as a new media strategy.

In another note, the company also plans to sponsor a Hollywood movie “TO DO & DIE” scheduled to grind in 2019 and released worldwide in 2020. This movie should carry out “MINDOL × TO DO & DIE World Audition 2019″ from 2019 which can appear on “TO DO & DIE.” The performers selected by the audition are planning to shoot in Japan. With all of these considered, MINDOL definitely lives to its tagline as the the fusion of subculture and blockchain technology.

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