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Bitcoin Press Release: Cryptocurrency is a technological innovation in recent years. At present, the world’s aviation industry accepting cryptocurrency is one of the few. Huafu Enterprise Holdings Limited (hereinafter referred to as the issuer) strategically cooperate with Far Eastern Airline, recruiting the most advanced technical team dedicated to create cryptocurrency and announce that Airline and Life Networking Token (ALLN), the world’s first digital airline encryption token, is born.

The most of current cryptocurrencies remain in the development of new technology or concept as mainstream, products and services still stay in the dream-building idea. Most cryptocurrencies are dejected without subsequent support from the enterprises, causing most of consumers and investors disappointed and panic.

ALLN builds the decentralized platform of entity expense application, which has completely realized the cryptocurrency in the application and the circulation of entity expense market. The issuer wishes to start from the aviation travel industry and implement the first field of entity application of cryptocurrency on strategically cooperation with the establishment of 60 years of Far Eastern Airlines.

Far East Airlines was established in 1957, operating flight from Taiwan to mainland China, Northeast and Southeast Asian countries, Taiwan outlying islands, providing more than 20,000 flights each year, carrying more than 3 million passengers among major cities, providing related tourism products and service. Far East Airlines has competitiveness in market. The revenue for the period 2011-2015 is bright, according to local mainstream business media [Business Times] reported in 2014 that Far Eastern Airlines’ profit has increased by 429% year-on-year. At the same time, the company displayed in the maintenance capacity of the aircraft. In 1996, it was awarded ISO-9002 certification. For the fourth consecutive year in 2015-2018, Far Eastern Airlines was awarded the United States [Aviation Maintenance Magazine] “World Aviation Maintenance Guide” professional maintenance certification awards in Taiwan district, and for the third consecutive year from 2014 to 2016, the Far East Airlines EPS (after-tax net profit per share) is the best Airline in Taiwan. Their excellent performance in overall operations management could be noticed.

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The issuer hopes to support entity consumption ecosystem through the combination of ALLN and large enterprises, expect to lead global blockchain consumption system in the future, create new channels between complex services of consumption, smart contracts and asset allocation and trades.

ALLN starts from aviation industry, flying into the consumer’s life from aviation industry, hoping to attract more international tourists by providing a variety of payment methods.

The quality of life of the global development countries has improved, and the international tourism industry has grown rapidly. According to the statistics of the UNWTO, the global economy recovered in 2017, and the number of tourists increased by 7%, which is the largest increase in 7 years. It is estimated that rise up to 1.56 billion people by 2020; international tourism revenue is expected to reach 2 trillion US dollars and become the global tourism market leader in Asia-Pacific region.

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The ALLN can not only be used to pay for more than 20,000 flights and related travel products, but also can enjoy varies payment options by using in conjunction with the purchase of different stage and the amount of money of ALLN. It even can be extended from convenience store consumption to real estate purchase and can be used at any time, place, online or offline without borders and no expenditures for international processing fees. Each purchase can leave a permanent encrypted record. ALLN change the life habits and consumption patterns from now, and create unlimited possibilities.

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