Analisis-Bitcoin: We Need to Make Bitcoin a Simple Product

Another new comer with good belief in the Asian market, Analisis-Bitcoin proves that products need to be perfected before hitting the market. Coin News had a chance to speak with Carlos Vicioso to talk about this Bitcoin startup.

Coin News: Hi Carlos. What is Analisis-Bitcoin? How long did it take you to launch your business? 

Carlos Vicioso: I have spent about 6 months in the design and creation of my business. The hardest challenge was the entrepeneuship itself. I am the only responsible of every aspect of analisis-bitcoin, from coding to marketing issues. It’s a responsibility that I’m so glad to accept in fact.

For me, bitcoin is the most simple and direct expression of the economy scheme. No 3rd parties, time-real transactions, and the best of all… at a very low cost. Since, I’ve learned the first things about bitcoin from 2011 to the present, I’ve been making myself more and more devoted to it.

CNA: Can you share some definite advantages of operating Analisis-Bitcoin?

CV: I have been always focused in spreading good and top-quality information. We need to teach everyone how to operate with bitcoin, but in a simple way that maintains the “pupil” interested despite the complexity behind it (i.e :everyone of us use the email as a tool, but most of us don’t know specifically how it works, but we use it, and we trust in it.)

My business is to advise people who don’t have time or knowledge about markets but have bitcoins and want to make profits and operate in the market. I’m not very ambitious about my business. I’m perfectly conscious that it is a small one, but it is based in a relationship between me and my clients of 100% sincerity and objectivity. My clients have plenty of confidence in me and my knowledge, and at the end of the year, when they look their bitcoin balances, they realize it.

CNA: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more prominent and reliable form of payment? 

CV: We need to make Bitcoin a simple product. As I said before, most people use and trust it, but they don’t know how it works. IMO Bitcoin is very similar to that. Every data of bitcoin is free accessible and open to be analysed… but to be mainstream, we don’t have to explain quantum physics to the people. We have just to make them try sending and receiving a transaction. We need to let them know that it works, that it is fast, and it is so cheap to use. We need to apply more marketing tools to viralize this.

CNA: How do you think Bitcoin will affect the Asian market in particular?

CV: Well, in general terms, Bitcoin will be the perfect tool in those countries that repression, poverty or limited freedom exists in a way that we only could imagine nowadays. With Bitcoin Asia, we are able to connect every point of the world without the necessity of being unbanked, just with your smatphone wich are more extended than bank accounts and that’s a big deal for us and a big opportunity.

CNA: What have been the greatest accomplishments whilst working with Analisis-Bitcoin?

CV: I suppose that my greatest accomplishment is to have happy clients and a smile in their faces as a result of good work. The basis of my work are sincerity, objectivity, lots of patience, and hard work: to treat every client as I want to be treated if I was in their side of the “wall.” For me, that’s a key-question, and my clients trust in me because of this.

CNA: What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality?

CV: It’s curious, my first steps through the markets was as a UK Horse Racing trader in Betfair. I worked as a professional for 6 years until I quit to dedicate my time to stock-markets and Bitcoin entirely. Online gambling is one of the most potential markets that Bitcoin can make an approach. Millions of dollars are moved every year online, and IMO there is no better way to make it work perfectly than with bitcoin. There is huge potential on this. I guess that online betting platforms are already studying ways to integrate this… Well,  I guess… I hope, and I want them to. simple-smile-3175978

CNA: Do you think a superior altcoin will supersede Bitcoin in the near future?

CV: Yes. Bitcoin is the consequence of the application of free market at its end. We have to accept the free competence, but even if we have to accept we don’t have to adopt it if we don’t want to. Bitcoin or every cryptocurrency are just lines of code which can be perfectly replicated, so it is good to have lots of altcoins, but their existence don’t guarantee their success in any way. The net effect is very strong in bitcoin, so actually, we just consider the rest of altcoins (with the exception of just 2 or 3 no-currency projects) as experiments.

CNA: Do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

CV: Yes, of course. My prediction is based in niches and markets. If Bitcoin can compete in the e-commerce market or even be the top as a payment method, we are dealing with something huge. If Bitcoin can operate perfectly as a settlement, we can have another big deal here, and if Bitcoin can work in the poor countries, those countries where there are no banking accounts… we are dealing with something huge. I consider the 1000$/BTC fair in the next couple of years, and in that way, it becomes more viral… It’s just supply and demand.

CNA: Finally, any suggestions for Bitcoin newbies out there?

CV: Just try a transaction with your smartphone or any wallet and verify with your own eyes how this works. Don’t be afraid to try. I hope this interview can be useful for you. Sorry for my bad English, it is not my native language, and thank you.

CNA: No worries, Carlos. Thank you very much as well.

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