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Bitcoin Press Release: Moscow held Betting Trends Forum 2016. It was attended by Russian and foreign betting representatives. The participants discussed the latest legislative initiatives, which regulate betting market, new Internet business areas and shared their experience in attracting new players.  The presentations were made by the following participants: layers, owners and managers of betting shops and betting software developing companies, specialized portal editors, fantasy, and eSport experts.

Essentially, the guests of the Forum found out what legal requirements should be remembered while  launching betting sites, and what sanctions will be faced by illegal casino operators; how the efficient betting shop advertising looks like, its distribution channels and what is forbidden by law;  what content is required to attract players, and why is it impossible to save money on copywriters and editors; how foreign operators estimate Russian market and what prevents the development of the market; what mobile betting applications are popular in Europe; how the typical fantasy sport player looks like; how profitable and prospective is fantasy sport in Europe and Russia; when will eSport over run football and hockey in popularity.

Fantasy and eSport betting developing entrepreneurs told how to get income in this field and why the Russian market is different from American and European markets. Speakers helped the audience to understand how the typical player looks like and what content is required to attract players.

The Round table on the legislative changes was attended by those who had questions regarding new laws, regulating betting business. Lawyers and self-regulating organizations representatives helped to render documents and predicted chances on adoption of the bills discussed by the government.

The separate section was dedicated to betting services advertising. Entrepreneurs and marketing experts found out how to promote betting shops without violating the law and shared their experience in carrying out advertising campaigns.

First-hand reports state:

All the power of the site is in the content. If you want to establish strong and profitable business, you shouldn’t save money on copywriters and editors, – Alexei Tkachuk, editor in chief.

eSport audience is not only nerds. Everyone who thinks so are out-of-date, – Jaroslav Komkov, chief

Fantasy sport lovers play not only for money, but for showing that they are professionals in this kind of sport, – Viktor Mangazeev, the Fanproxy CEO

Russia has the established market. It only requires quality government regulations. As for operators, they don’t have unique features and personal approach to players, – Thanos Marinos, the Juma Group CEO.

eSport prize pools reach 18 million dollars. Not only professional betting players have a chance to win, but also common players who sit at home at a computer, – Dias Ismailov, Cyber Bet Gaming CEO

The organizer of the forum is the exhibition company Smile-Expo – expresses its gratitude to speakers and guests for participation with special thanks to our sponsors: UB|GAMING, adbetnet and BetConstruct. We are glad that there were almost no vacant seats in the room and invite you to join the nearest events dedicated to gambling business:   Russian Gaming Week, Moscow, June 2-3;  Casino Forum Batumi, August 18-19.

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