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bikercoin-6762899A newly developed cryptocurrency was launched recently called Bikercoin (BIC) which is anonymous, secure, and untraceable. Bikercoin was launched without delay which means that coins were not pre-mined and hoarded by the developers, and the level of difficulty in mining them is still low. This situation offers a distinct opportunity for those who missed out with Bitcoin to get involved in a promising cryptocurrency in its infancy.

In a perspective, it is still immature compared to alternative cryptocurrencies that have already been established for years. Nonetheless, it has never been a limitation for Bikercoin to gather the interests of cryptocurrency users and enthusiasts. Cryptocurrencies are the best payment solution for online trading and Bikercoin is no exception. Yes, though it wasn’t long since this digital coin has been introduced, it has easily been included on the list of cryptocurrencies accepted by online trading sites.

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Bikercoin uses CryptoNight, a proof of work algorithm created by CryptoNote. CryptoNote is designed for modern day CPUs. High end GPUs can mine Bikercoin at a slightly higher hash rate, but consumes much higher energy, making CPU mining more energy efficient. CryptoNight is completely ASIC resistant. Hence, anyone can mine Bikercoin. Just like other alternative cryptocurrencies, it centers on anonymous, fast, global, and secured payments.

This coin is for everyone, not just for bikers.  Bikercoin, just like bitcoins, can be acquired through trading markets. Compared to other altcoins, this digital currency settles in a competitive price point. It also offers numerous advantages. First is the fact that payments are made borderless. Wherever you are, you can definitely trade Bikercoins in the trading platforms of your choice. Compared to other alternative coins, Bikercoin is relatively new. However, you will be amazed because there are few online trading platforms that are solely powered by this digital currency.

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