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bitcasino-8477188There are more features to behold at It includes live dealers for their live casino so you can play roulette, blackjack, and other games in the most authentic way. In addition, since the advent of the mobile Bitcoin casino, mobile compatible versions of the casino games will be provided so you can access and play your favorite games in just the palm of your hand. We had the chance to speak with its COO, Tauri Tiitsaar to give us a quick tour of this groundbreaking Bitcoin casino.

Coin News: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey– what led you to believe that it is something that you would devote much of your time to?

Tauri Tiitsaar: We recognised the significant pitfalls in the current payment processing channels, specifically in regards to cost and speed of processing deposits and withdrawals.  Once we discovered bitcoins and the blockchain, we knew that it was the perfect digital gaming token for online gambling, which made all payment processing instant and free.  This means we could process our player’s winnings instantly and seamlessly, which is something any player likes!

CNA: How long did it take you to launch your Bitcoin casino? What are some specific challenges you’ve encountered in mounting it?

TT: Our first day of trading was the 1st of January 2014 and throughout the year, we witnessed tremendous growth becoming the market leading destination for Bitcoin gaming both on desktop and mobile. As with any online business, there are many challenges especially when you are delivering a business model predicated on a new form of digital currency. You encounter naysayers and skeptics, but perhaps the biggest problem is in the process of educating stakeholders in the existing fiat based egaming supply chain to the practical merits of operating a bitcoin only gaming businesses.

CNA: What can you say is the best thing about your Bitcoin casino in comparison with other crypto-related gaming sites?

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TT: I suppose like any start-up business that is using disruptive technology; it is about the culture and people in the company.  We are fortunate enough to have a great team of bitcoin enthusiasts and who wish to deliver the best gaming experience that they can for players. It is this culture, attitude and can-do approach which has resulted in being the number one destination for Bitcoin gaming.

CNA: On what platform does your sites run on?

TT: We use the platform.  They integrate with many different software providers like Betsoft, Gameart, Microgaming, etc, and we are very pleased with their development processes, platform and support.

To be continued…

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