Bitcasino 4 – Provably Fair Casino Games and Expanding Our Sportsbook – Coin News is the first Bitcoin casino to obtain a license. It is owned and operated by CoinGaming LTD, and is licensed to conduct gaming operations online by the government of Curacao. Aside from the fact that you can have the peace of mind while playing in this site, you will sure have fun with great features that will make your jaw drop in awe. We had the chance to speak with its COO, Tauri Tiitsaar to give us a quick tour of this groundbreaking Bitcoin casino. You may check out the first part here, the second part here, and the third part here.

Coin News: Do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

TT: That’s a very tough prediction to make! It will definitely go up and down now and then, but I strongly believe that in 12 months it will be higher than the last 12-month average. Bitcoin is simply getting too much attention, investments, mainstream media is covering it a lot and a lot of “fiat businessmen” are praising the technology. While we are very bullish on the bitcoin price, we hold a diversified asset portfolio of currencies and see no need to gamble on the price of bitcoin!

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CNA: What can we expect from your venture in the near future? Are you going to focus on the Bitcoin gaming space only or offer merchant solutions as well?

TT: We are always looking to expand, and that includes new games, products, markets and anything we can think of. We take the opinions and suggestions of every person into account and do not consider anything invalid until it is properly discussed. One of our primary goals for 2016 is to provide high quality provably fair casino games and to provide a customized sportsbook experience for every user. Which brings me to mention that we have expanded our eSports offerings? Regarding whether we stay bitcoin or go further – only time will tell.

CNA: Finally, for those who don’t get Bitcoin, do you have any suggestions?

TT: Generally, it would be for continued education that the general public can relate.  It should be real-life applications and usage of Bitcoin as a payment mechanism. Probably the best way to learn about Bitcoin is to ask someone in your social media circle, as word-of-mouth and positive experiences as the best forms of PR for the industry.  The simplest way to think about it, is on every Euro or Dollar note, there is a serial number on that note.  Bitcoin simply removes the “physical” aspect of the note and digitally records all transactions (sent / received) of that serial number on an open, distributed ledger, which is publicly audited and verified.

CNA: And anything more that you wanted to add?

TT: As a small hint, I can say that we are looking into a certain sport to promote heavily and to sponsor a team! This year we are putting a heavy focus on two things: provably fair casino games and expanding our sportsbook.

CNA: Thank you very much for tuning in this four-part special.

Disclaimer: Customers should do their own research before committing to any gambling activity.  They are the one to be held liable for infringing the laws of the land they are residing in. Thus, Coin News is not responsible for any losses sustained in willful participation on our featured gaming platforms.

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