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The CEO of MtGoX Co., once the world’s biggest bitcoin advanced cash trade, prevented stealing hundreds from claiming a huge number of yen from its clients as his trial started in Tokyo.

Showing up at the Tokyo District Court, Mark Karpeles, the 32-year-old French CEO of the now-bankrupt trade, said colossal misfortunes of the advanced money by the business were the consequence of hacking.

He argued not guilty to information control and stealing an aggregated 341 million yen in clients’ cash during September and December of 2013.

“I swear to God I am not guilty,” Karpeles said in perusing out a readied proclamation in Japanese in the wake of tuning in to the charges against him through translators.

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“I offer my sincere apology for causing inconvenience to many clients with the bankruptcy of MtGox,” he stated, while asserting that what the prosecutors affirm as information control was a piece of his organization’s customary business operations and that the cash he spent was not his customers’.

Prosecutors contended in their opening statement that Karpeles dealt with the organization resources and cash depended by the organization’s customers in a similar financial balance and neglected to react to demands by organization partners to isolate them.

Of the 341 million yen purportedly stolen by the litigant, nearly 315 million yen was proposed for obtaining a 3-D printer business and 6 million yen for acquiring a canopy bed for his own utilization, as per the prosecutors.

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In February 2014, Bitcoin exchange MtGox abruptly closed down all exchanges, causing a frenzy among its clients, including numerous non-natives. At that point, it reported that it had gone bankrupt subsequent to having lost around 850,000 bitcoins, worth around 48 billion yen at the time. It said the bitcoins were likely stolen through hacking.

In August 2015, Karpeles was captured for professedly controlling information on his organization’s exchanging framework. He was in the long run prosecuted on charges of taking around 341 million yen of clients’ cash by exchanging it from his organization’s ledger to his own.  He was discharged on bail last July.

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