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bitcoin-hollywood-4483613It makes most sense for cryptocurrency, the subject, to be introduced as early as the high school level. Any earlier than that and the subject will prove too complex for younger students to grasp; any later and we might limit cryptocurrency to the domain of the few and miss out on the opportunity to reach the masses that high school education presents.

Up until this point, I’ve largely spoken on the ways in which cryptocurrency can help students gain an interest in interrelated subjects. Rest assured, my reasons for advocating for cryptocurrency­ as ­a­subject are not completely academic or altruistic.

I am a Bitcoin believer. In addition to leading the seed round of Bitcoin umbrella company, Satoshi Citadel Industries, I am one of the founding members of Bitcoin Organization of the Philippines. In short, I believe in Bitcoin and what it can do for the world, particularly in emerging markets like the Philippines, where the majority of the population is unbanked.

Yet for Bitcoin to succeed, we cannot rely solely on our faith, nor our enthusiasm. As a community, we must make it a point to nurture the talent who will drive cryptocurrency and Bitcoin forward. The best way to find these people is to push for the mass exposure that general education brings. Only then can you attract cryptocurrency’s next of leaders, thinkers, and innovators.

I believe we need these homegrown talents because that’s the way I’ve observed most industries to work. Take Hollywood as an example. Hollywood is a center of excellence for filmmaking the world over because there have been several generations of kids who have grown up, dreaming of joining its ranks in some capacity. This abundance of people who spent their lives preparing for a career in movie magic means that Hollywood has a much larger talent pool than say the field of puppetry.

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Similarly, the sooner we can build a base of smart, young people who have spent their lives thinking about cryptocurrency and how to solve its biggest problems, the sooner we can drive Bitcoin toward mass adoption.

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