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indonesia-bitcoin-8127447This is the second part of Oscar Darmawan’s extensive brief in Bitcoin in Indonesia and You may read the first part here. Apart from this narrative, Oscar has previously provided an interview in two parts which can be found here and here.

Bitcoin’s confirmation needs to be faster in every transaction, just like back on the old days. Nowadays, Bitcoin’s block size is always overloaded with transactions and the fees are becoming higher than they should be. This will certainly cause a serious problem for the Bitcoin payment industry. I think that all of the Bitcoin users and developers need to sit down, think this through and get a decision done about this matter as fast as possible before the community really starts moving their trust to the other alternate coins that have already solved this issue.

I think Bitcoin will be able to become a great method of internet payment though I do not consider Bitcoin as a currency that can be daily used in Asian market. I think all price will still remain as their local currencies in each respective country in the Asian market, for example: Rupiah for Indonesia, Thai Baht for Thailand, etc. even though the Bitcoin will be more accepted in ecommerce. E-commerce businesses will definitely start accepting it because Bitcoin can offer much more benefits and convenience compared to credit cards especially with many stolen credit card cases in the Asian region.

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Our greatest accomplishment so far is our success in converting more than 125,000 members to support our marketplace and more than 40% are active users. It takes a lot of education and effort to make people understand how Bitcoin and Blockchain works so we are really glad to have been able to reach this point in only a couple of years.

I do not think this as revolutionary but I do think that what makes us different from other Bitcoin exchanges how we have a much friendlier and faster customer service response to our members. Every deposit and withdrawal, on both fiat and cryptocurrency, is processed under one hour. Our team works 24/7, even during holidays, and we actively promote Bitcoin to students, local merchants, and the majority of unbanked people in Indonesia. We are constantly giving our best effort to always inform people by explaining in details about cryptocurrencies instead of introducing them as investing tools. We believe that the future of Bitcoin will be more than just about investment, especially when we discuss about the Blockchain technology and what it can do for people. We are also gradually expanding our services to various sectors, such as remittance and payment solution.

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