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bitcoins-casino-3858004With the growing number of Bitcoin gambling review sites out there, proves to be a contender in both quality and efficiency. Coin News has managed to speak with Robert from to talk about their review website.

Coin News: Can you tell us about your Bitcoin journey? How did you get immersed into this niche?

Robert: We didn’t think much of Bitcoin until one day a friend told me that the owner of a huge Bitcoin casino was looking for somebody to do research. We love researching, and we took the project without hesitation and became a success working together. Afterwards, he paid us in bitcoin. It was here that we delved into what bitcoin was, and I was really intrigued by the Blockchain technology. I feel like it resolves a lot of issues that we currently have with fiat currency, and it just seemed to make a lot of sense. It’s time we patched up our economic system, and the Blockchain technology gives us a much better chance to do so.

CNA: How long did it take you to launch

R: was founded in the early stages of when the crypto-currency became viral founder Von B Roberts initial idea of establishing as the premier exchange for Bitcoin casinos moving crypto-currency to Bitcoin casino and to the pockets of gamblers whether it was Bitcoin poker, Bitcoin slots, and Bitcoin gambling in general. It’s idea was fresh, and in its early stages didn’t begin to flourish until early 2015 as quick as bitcoins gained in popularity, we secured and launched providing fair reviews to become the primary source for honest and fair reviews of the major and popular Bitcoin casinos similar to with fair and real reviews.

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Haven’t been much of an issue or challenges the main challenge is to educate the public on bitcoins and how to use bitcoins efficiently.

bitcoins-casino-screencap-3553902CNA: What can you say is the best thing about your venture in comparison with other crypto-related ventures?

R: Operating and running has been nothing short of remarkable. You’ll be surprised by the competition from day to day and to see these new Bitcoin casino compete for top spots on There has been many crypto-related ventures being started on a daily basis. We believe bitcoin is the absolute digital currency. Many will florish and many will fail but if you manage your bitcoin correctly like real world money, you wouldn’t have to worry much as you are able to trade and profit from exchanging bitcoins easily just as easy as wall street to the stock market.

CNA: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more prominent and reliable form of payment?

R: To become more prominent, Bitcoin owners would need to spend more BTC. Spending BTC stimulates its economy, and I feel as though most Bitcoin owners are stockpiling them, looking to cash out at the first chance they get. This is precisely what is preventing it from going mainstream. Without BTC economic stimulation, it’s just numbers on a database, it’s just an investment. It needs to be a currency and the former. Vendors are not as willing to accept BTC when they know that nobody is really using it, especially since it won’t massively increase sales and only add to the complexity of their accounting and technological infrastructure. We need to spend our Bitcoin and not stockpile it for it to continue to grow – plain and simple.

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CNA: How do you think Bitcoin will affect the Asian market in particular?

R: Admittedly, we are not an economists, but I think it has a lot of potential in the Asian markets. However, I have concerns that the governments, particularly China will try to block it. We know they farm a good portion of bitcoins, but we don’t think they want another currency threatening their Yuan. However with the recent crashes things could get interesting. Will they implement the Bitcoins they’ve mined and flood it into their markets or will they end up dumping the Bitcoins in exchange for cash?
It’s nearly a coin toss but I hope they’ll integrate it into their economy. They are a world leader and if they start accepting Bitcoin other countries would quickly follow suit. With an already powerful stranglehold on the currency they could become an even greater economic force which would be great for Bitcoin owners.

To be continued…

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