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Bitcoin Mercantile Exchange or BitMex was first devised by the three co-founders in early 2014. Bitmex is a real-time Bitcoin-based trading platform. Its main use is as a Bitcoin-based platform to speculate on the future values of digital currencies.

Recently, this groundbreaking startup has claimed the top prize at the Arena startup pitch battle at Tech in Asia Singapore 2016. While the startup just gives clients a chance to estimate on Bitcoin costs for the present, it arrangements to give a man access China, for instance, purchase Apple stocks in the US.

It had been a while, but BitMex had collected 3,400 enlisted clients and US$250 million in exchanging volume. That number has subsequent to swelled to 5,300 enrolled clients and US$650 million in volume today. It has made US$360,000 in income so far on a 0.05% exchanging expense, and has ended up beneficial on under US$200,000 in speculator subsidizing.

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Because of government regulations, Bitmex is not permitted to work in the United States. That gives much further impetus to take care of business in Asia. The organization started its Asian push in mid-2015 through the Chinaccelerator program, a serious startup quickening agent situated in Shanghai.

One of the positive features of Bitcoin is that it allows for quick and seamless payments. A person from half the world away can pay another individual with a click of the button and transfer funds within seconds. Although many think that normal electronic transactions like credit cards can do this, the truth is that credit card payments and other methods of electronic transfer have to go through a network and people need to depend on their cooperation. For example, if a part of the transfer holds the money for whatever reason, that money will not be moving. Bitcoin cuts out the middle-man and ensures that the transaction pushes through no matter what.

Having active and optimistic Bitcoin markets in Asia spells good news since this presents possibilities for more players and operators to enter the business. A wider adoption of the digital currency in Asia is one of the factors needed for Bitcoin trading to boom in the region.

The Bitmex group has likewise gone on a trust-building mission among potential clients notwithstanding going to numerous meetings among Asian Bitcoin fans, Arthur, Samuel, and Ben have made themselves publicly accessible on online networking for forthcoming clients’ inquiries.

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