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This is the conclusion of the three-part special interview with Mauriek Putranta of Bitsharia, an Indonesian Bitcoin company focused on giving software solutions to its clients. You may read the first part here and the second part here.

The information is open for everyone to learn, Bitcoin as currency or commodity is only small fraction of the potential benefit for any business and individual. Think broader and learn other benefit that cryptocurrency and the technology can offer for us, it certainly something worth exploring.

In relation to the altcoin question, an example to the statement that Bitcoin and altcoin will complete and benefit each other is the development of altcoin name Syscoin, as for now we can’t use Bitcoin to build local decentralized marketplace and to start using inventory system integrated in the blockchain, the development of this particular feature is not the focus of current Bitcoin developer, the Syscoin development for that features is more advance by still using open source and still have all the benefit of current Bitcoin code development, in future the altcoin can be side chains for bitcoin or even have their own chains that still tied to bitcoin, and still works, many other altcoin also work on certain decentralized feature that will only benefit business.

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Imagine the possibility of peoples from any part of Asian can conduct trading their product in local decentralized marketplace and using blockchain to hold their inventory ledger, it will eliminate the big cost of establishing new business, launching new product, by having access to their inventory data anytime and everywhere without investing in expensive hardware/software, cheaper expansion new branch of sales point in different area and instantly have access to the latest inventory with much ease. The possibility offered by these many altcoin is endless and will also take Bitcoin to much greater audience.

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