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blockchain-7713423Bitcoin is a great tool for investment but a lot has to do with putting the egg in the basket for a Bitcoin price increase. Sure Bitcoin’s value experiences much of a change between the time an order was placed and the time it is scheduled to be delivered. But at the same time, there’s always the chance of prices going down like other currencies. This is simply how the market of supply and demands works hand in hand. We conclude our discussion with Oscar Darmawan of Bitcoin Indonesia. You may read the first part here, the second part here, the third part here, and his interview in two parts here and here.

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The Best Way to Learn About Bitcoin

Try to buy it, use it and learn it, you will just love it! I suggest you not to try and learn about it first, because you will just give up before you even try to get your hands on it. There is no question that Bitcoin is amazing, but most of the times and for most people, it’s just too complicated to understand and they end up giving up halfway.

If the system of Bitcoin and Blockchain really take off, it will help many people in different sectors, especially in the war against corruption. Due to its transparent nature of Blockchain, I believe it can be used to prevent money laundering. Bitcoin is really different with the cash we know today. Bitcoin is better because it is traceable, with a ledger that can be publically accessed. By including all people into the system and applying regulation over them to declare their own public keys, it will make money laundering almost impossible to be done and you can have your own citizen be the witness of every transaction that cannot be changed by a single party. There is no way cash will be able to do that now, can it?

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