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bobby-lee-1665239Bitcoin is here to stay, Bobby Lee, the CEO of BTCC, one of China’s biggest bitcoin trades, cited publicly. Lee additionally disclosed to CNBC that “regulation is much needed” for the new “asset class” at Hong Kong’s Rise meeting.

Amid an introduction, Lee pronounced that bitcoin is another “asset class” that is constructed simply with respect to data, and not dependent on character and physical ownership.

“It (bitcoin) doesn’t care about who the person is, it doesn’t care about citizenship, or whether you are a human or cat,” Lee said.

Previously, he stated, proprietorship moved from ownership of physical articles to a framework in light of personality possession. In any case, bitcoin was a move from personality possession.

“In the modern day, ownership of physical things is not possible, rather it’s by identity. Ownership is conferred to you by your name, as owner of an asset class such as cars or bank accounts, but identity ownership always has to be verified by a third party –  someone has to verify it or judge you,” Lee said in his introduction.

He clarified that the “trust” in bitcoin depended on science rather than any administrations or outsiders.

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Talking on a board on innovation in China, Lee said the way that most bitcoin miners were in China was only a condition of undertakings.

“Anyone can be a miner… why is it popular in China? Is the cheaper equipment and the cost of electricity. But that can change in five years… that can change in an instance.”

Lee anticipated that more administrative oversight would occur with Initial Coin Offerings, prominently known as ICOs, where stores are raised for digital forms of money, frequently through unregulated means.

He said while China had not communicated a supposition on directing ICOs, the specialists have communicated a view about managing bitcoins and cryptographic forms of money.

“It’s coming, it’s only a matter of time,” said Lee, giving a relationship of how securities exchanges wound up plainly managed in the past because of speculators losing cash. “I think the same thing will happen with ICOs, just like it happened with banking, with loans.”

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