Btcoracle: the Asian Market Is Where the Future of Our World Lies

bitcoin-binary-options-4865540Btcoracle is a Bitcoin binary options platform 100% operating in bitcoins, one of the offerings in the Bitcoin gaming industry. Coin News had the chance to speak with its CEO, Emilien Dutang on this Bitcoin betting site.

Coin News: Hi, partner. Can you tell us your name and you’re a bit about your business?

Emilien Dutang: Certainly. My name is Emilien Dutang, and I’m the CEO of Btcroracle and masterXchange. It was pretty fast to make the first version of Btcoracle. It only took me and my partner something like a month. Afterwards, one of the biggest issues was to find correct odds because people would try to abuse our system all the time, and we were losing a lot of money for the first 8 months or so. Btcoracle is great because you don’t have to register. You can play completely anonymously from the Blockchain. Also, payout sare almost instantaneous and directly in your wallet. It is a fun way to bet on the future.

CNA: On what platform does Btcroracle run on?

ED: We are web based, so you can access Btcoracle from any platform.

CNA: How did you get into immersed in the cryptocurrency world, if we may ask?

ED: My own bitcoins gained a lot of value, thus it only seems logical to spend a part of my life on it. I love everything about bitcoin; it was freedom in the financial world. I think bitcoin is still too “geeky” and hard to secure for the mainstream consumer. For bitcoin to become mainstream, it needs a population that’s more security conscious and more versed in technology. Or there should be some kind of super application.

CNA: How will your service affect the Asian market?

ED: I love the Asian market, and I think it’s where the future of our world lies. There is a lot of population there, and Asian people are generally smart and well versed in technology. The only advantage that the Western world has is kind of a head start, but this is disappearing throughout the years.

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CNA: What do you consider the best time you had operating Btcoracle?

ED: Our best memory from operating Btcoracle is when bitcoin broke 1000$. That was one of our best days ever.

CNA: What are your thoughts on online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality?

ED: Laws and regulations are both good and bad for bitcoin. They prevent business from starting, but at the same time, they provide a useful case for bitcoin.

CNA: Well, we figure you should have one, but do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

ED: I really don’t know. I sure hope that bitcoin will reach 2000$+ in the following years, but who knows?

CNA: And finally, for Bitcoin newbies out there, any suggestions?

ED: Start by something simple like having a Blockchain wallet and asking a friend for a few cents. Or use a faucet. Try a gambing site to see how easy it is to move money around.

CNA: Thank you very much, Emilien.

ED: Thank you very much Coin News for this interview!

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