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Bitcoin Press Release: Since 2015, Chinese economy has been growing within slow stabilization, as well as faced lot of pressure and challenge. But with loose policy of regulators from Chinese government, the Spring of Chinese forex industry is coming.

According to the report on the work of government, Chinese government would like to work hard on interest rate marketization; to expand the exchange rate floating range and to promote the convertibility of the RMB capital project process. Statics from SWIFT shows that, since the end of 2014, RMB has been the world’s second largest trading financing currency, the fifth largest payment currency and also the sixth largest foreign exchange trading currency. With the acceleration of RMB internationalization, CNY inclusion to SDR basket has became one of the popular topics in Foreign Exchange industry. At present, the development of China’s foreign exchange market is more mature, and the trading volume continues to grow. The ability to control the risk of trading is gradually improved while the increasing of trading varieties. What’s more, the development of Offshore RMB market has become huge challenge to the domestic CNH market and convertibility of RMB under the context of capital account.

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With regard to this subject, under the tremendous assistance of the Shanghai Government, and global organizations, Conwaysasia will be organizing the China Forex Investment & Innovation Summit 2016(CFIS2016) on Mar. 24th to 25th next year in the city of Shanghai, which is an international metropolis and the financial center of China. The summit is aimed at offering you an optimal platform to discuss the trend of China’s foreign exchange market and to enhance the value of the industry chain and to promote the cooperation of all subdivided parts from brokers, traders, liquidity providers, banks, platforms etc.


The dynamic and trends of China Forex Market;

The next step of China regulation;

The process of RMB internationalization;

The opening of capital account;

RMB inclusion to SDR basket;

FX risk management;

Interest rate mechanism;

Development of FX derivatives;

FX investment strategies etc…

Who should attend?

By Industry:

Government, Asset management firms, Investment management firms, Funds, Institutional investor, Treasury, Import and Export companies, Clearing House, Trust and investment firms, Retail investor, Banks, Securities, Insurance companies, Brokers, Traders, Exchanges, Consultancy, Service providers, Trading platforms…

By job title:

Chief Executive Officer, Chief Investment Officer, Fund manager, Head of Treasury, Head of FX trading, Head of FX sales, Head of Marketing, Head of FX Product, Head of Risk management, Head of Fixed Income and Currency, Head of Portfolio…

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Date: Mar.24th–25th, 2016

Venue: Shanghai, China


More information, please contact,

Tel:+86-21-6765 8679


About Us

Conways, as China’s most industry leading and forward-looking meeting held group, involves in industries including energy, transportation, IT, finance, law, FMCG, luxury goods, medicine, etc. Our goal is to establish an interactive platform between domestic & foreign enterprises, the government, and important NGO’s Our powerful consulting team hit more depth and breadth of the strategic analysis with their rich expertise. Top level of industrial topics and summit organization is guaranteed.

In addition to all-sized industry summit and functional conference, Conways also provides continuous, professional and systematic training program for enterprises in updating progress.  One-on-one team planning suggests more advanced formulation for enterprises with more practical demands.

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