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cappasity-8168979It is safe to say that in the short-term at least, bitcoin has not been dealt a blow by the recent forking event. However, can our beloved digital payments system capitalize on the apparent virtual reality trend? Virtual reality can be used to great effect in many industries, including e-commerce. That’s where Cappasity comes in.

Cappasity develops a platform that allows businesses to quickly and easily create and embed 3D content into websites, mobile apps, and AR applications. It works with large retailers and top luxury brands and has intensely expanded cooperation with brands through Plug and Play Retail Accelerator, Batch 7. Right now, the company is willing to go even beyond the e-commerce and create a 3D system with a marketplace, API/SDK and AR Innovation Fund to support AR developers.

With more than 10 years of experience in the area of 3D technology and IT business development, Cappasity’s CEO, Kosta Popov, aims to share his vision on how 3D and AR community can benefit from blockchain technology. Kosta is one of the active members of Intel Software Innovators program. He has developed a system of 3D capturing and got patents on it.

There are plenty of market growth opportunities. For instance, the platform has the capacity to instantly provide information about a product purchased in-store, mass customization, provide access to living performances (360-degree video) and AR exhibitions, and even recreate memories as AR models as a way of therapy.

In addition, there is also a multitude of uses for Cappasity in the ecosystem. Most notable of which are using it as a 3D model sale for videogames, 360° video call for tender at live events, a 3D model for consumer AR app for video entertainment, virtual 3D exhibition and VIP showrooms for retail, 3D models for medical students, and social VR with 3D avatar for sharing and fashion. The token sale will take place in the mid-September and will last 4 weeks.

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