CasinoWebScripts: We Expect to See Positive Developments

casinowebscripts-4213688A company that has been providing complete gaming solution for Bitcoin gaming operators, Casinowebscripts proves to be a great player in the cryptocurrency world. It is a top casino gaming provider that offers complete casino solutions with no monthly fees from operators’ revenue. Among their products and services, the company provides a first-class casino management platform and over 150 mobile and desktop casino games using Flash and HTML5 technology. Coin News had a chance to speak with its CEO, Florin to share more about this cryptocurrency solution.

Coin News: Hi, Florin. Can you give us a bit of a backgrounder on Casinowebscripts? How did you get started on this?

Florin: We started our adventure in the online gaming world back in 2003, and after a few years of activity we noticed that the field of online gambling was in need of some improvements, so we decided to step in to try and make a difference. Despite the fact that Bitcoin was invented in 2009, its popularity grew enormously with the opening of the Satoshi Dice gaming site. We saw a big opportunity in creating Bitcoin-adapted products for the online casino industry, due to the fact that Bitcoin offers anonymity and Bitcoin transactions are not the subject of chargebacks. More than that, with a Bitcoin online casino, operators are now able to reach casino players from multiple locations around the world. We devoted our time to creating Bitcoin solutions because we are always eager to promote new technologies, and we believe that Bitcoin has already gained enough popularity to earn the trust of online users.

In January 2010, we opened Casinowebscripts and ever since we constantly worked on improving our internet casino products and developing new solutions. On the online gambling market, the main challenge that we encountered was offering services that would be able to compete with veteran companies from the industry. We managed to successfully mount our business by developing unique products and by offering a no-monthly-fees policy to our customers.

CNA: What characteristics of Casinowebscripts do you consider the most revolutionary?

F: The greatest accomplishment of our team since starting CasinoWebScripts was developing a complete casino gaming solution with products that are suitable for desktop and mobile use. We started with a small team and a few casino games, and now we pride ourselves with a top gaming solution for operators who are looking to open a Bitcoin casino. We have managed to develop casino games inspired from different cultures, which appeal to a wide range of buyer personas. Our current most revolutionary product is our 3D cinematic slot, Ancient Wonders, which promises the ultimate gaming experience.

The large popularity of bitcoin convinced many people to open all kinds of businesses that would use this crypto-currency in all their transactions, drawing a lot of attention towards the online gambling area. We had many clients interested in starting Bitcoin casinos, while not so many were interested in an altcoin casino. The top advantage of opening a Bitcoin casino business using Casinowebscripts’ solutions is that operators who purchase our casino games and management platform do not pay any additional fees from their revenue once they open the Bitcoin gaming site. More than that, all our games and our casino management platform are fully developed in-house, by our teams, meaning that we do not resell products from other casino providers, and we are able to offer lifetime technical support and customizations for all of our clients. Another important advantage provided by CasinoWebScripts is that the games and software are certified by iTechLabs and are provably fair, which represent a solid credibility point for any online casino. There is a wide range of promising cryptocurrencies that have appeared on the online scene, and we are looking forward to working with operators who come up with innovative ideas.

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CNA: Interesting. How do you think Bitcoin will affect the Asian market in particular?

F: The Asian market, especially China, is home to the world’s highest-volume of Bitcoin transactions, and the largest producer of bitcoins. Singapore and Hong Kong are also in the Bitcoin game,and are expected to continue to attract a high number of online users, while Japan decided to launch Bitcoin operations since 2014. It is evident that the Asian market has already embraced bitcoin and now has the power to even influence the value and volatility of this cryptocurrency. We expect to see a lot of positive developments in the Bitcoin Asian market, especially since awareness of cryptocurrencies is increasing at a very fast pace.

CNA: Any thoughts on online gambling laws and Bitcoin regulation?

F: In various parts around the world, cryptocurrencies are still in a grey zone when it comes to regulation, but the majority of lawmakers are offering positive signals regarding legalizing bitcoin. It is difficult to talk about worldwide recognition of bitcoin at this point in time, taking into consideration that the legal situation of cryptocurrencies varies from country to country.

CNA: What do you think bitcoin needs to become a more prominent form of payment?

F: Bitcoin is still a rather new payment method which, in many parts around the world, is not yet controlled by government bodies. People are used to working with banks which operate in a highly regulated system that gives the feeling of security and reliability. Bitcoin transactions take place solely online and instantly, with no banks or government bodies involved. Not everyone is yet used to working with a currency that can only be traded online and does not come in material form. More than that, making transactions with bitcoin can seem more complicated than paying with other financial instruments, such as credit cards.  Even so, we believe that bitcoin will be able to go mainstream in the near future, especially since world-renowned companies, such as Microsoft or Dell, already take bitcoin as payment. Bitcoin is rapidly gaining credibility among the online community, and it is only a matter of time until it becomes a reliable payment method for the majority of online users.

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency to appear on the online scene, and we think it will continue to make an impact in the near future with its advanced Blockchain technology. Additional improvements to bitcoin could appear in alternative digital currencies, but bitcoin has already managed to make a name for itself, and there is an entire community who supports it. Indeed, the development of a superior altcoin could supersede bitcoin, but not in the near future.

CNA: Do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

F: As we all know, Bitcoin’s value is more volatile than the majority of traditional currencies. Throughout the past 3 years, the value of bitcoin has managed to move from $100 to $1,240. During the last year, the cryptocurrency’s value managed to remain at a relatively stable level of around $250, behavior of which we also expect to see in the near future, if no significant geopolitical events occur.


CNA: What can we expect from Casinowebscripts in the near future?

F: In 2015, our products became more mature, and we are looking forward to launch ground-breaking products in the near future. The development of online technology now allows us to provide games in HTML5 and Flash technology, which are fit for both desktop and mobile use. Our main focus for the second half of the year is to expand our mobile casino games portfolio. The current trends in online gaming are Bitcoin casinos and mobile games, and we will prioritize these two solutions.

CNA: Finally, for those still trying to comprehend bitcoin, do you have any suggestions? 

F: For anyone who is not yet a fan of bitcoin, we would like to say that getting initiated is the hard part. Once people do a little research, they start trusting the cryptocurrency more and become aware of all the benefits that it offers. There is a variety of online payment options, but even billion dollar businesses now accept bitcoin as a form of payment. We believe that this is a good enough reason to convince people that using bitcoin is a smart choice.

We hope that online gambling operators will recognize the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies and use bitcoin as a payment option for their online casinos. Our provably fair solutions and our management platform that allows instant transactions are perfect for any online gambling operation, and we will continue providing state-of-the-art gaming products to operators who want to embrace the Bitcoin trend.

Disclaimer: Customers should do their own research before committing to any gambling activity.  They are the one to be held liable for infringing the laws of the land they are residing in. Thus, Coin News is not responsible for any losses sustained in willful participation on our featured gaming platforms.

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