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alibaba-6254629Alipay, an online payment platform of Alibaba, announced it may supply a cloud service platform based on Blockchain technology. It has been revealed at Shanghai’s popular YunQi computing conference, according to a report in Blockcan,


There are a number of financial institutions through the establishment of the blockchain. Investment-related technology companies in this area are laid out. With Nasdaq, JP Morgan Chase, Citibank, UBS, Goldman Sachs Group, Banco Santander, Barclays, Deloitte & Touche, the experimental application of the blockchain technology has been in the securities, banking, audit and some startup industries. The direction applications include payment and settlement, intelligent bonds, financial auditing.

While the innovation is still in its initial stages, Alipay reports that it is effectively investigating the blockchain’s significant effect on the money related industry. The installment supplier prescribes vast open monetary mists taking into account the blockchain, which does not require servers and encourages conveyed applications like shrewd contracts, shared protection and distributed subsidizing.

“If the blockchain will be widely used, with more and more financial institutions and commercial organizations applying the technology, ordinary people will participate, which will lead to the storage of information in it. The final value of blockchain is the storage of credit information, which is the heart of business and finance. In the past, we obtained this by ranking the companies. The usage of the blockchain will grow with the transaction records stored in it,” said Alibaba Group Vice President Gao Hongbing.

The Bitcoin system is not prepared to retain the monstrous volume of exchanges, and China’s focal government, exceedingly worried about capital flight, might have issues with the cryptocurrencies’ joining into an installment stage with half of China’s online business sector and more than 70% of the versatile installment market. Rather, Alibaba will this year likely start trying different things with an exclusive blockchain.

“We are very pleased to partner with United and help them make online booking from China a hassle-free experience. By enabling the option to use China’s most trusted and secure payment system, Chinese travelers using United’s website can expect the safe, easy and consistent experience they have come to expect, while avoiding any currency barriers,” said Jingming Li, President of Alipay U.S.

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