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Bitcoin Press Release: CoinCasino combines for the first time the advantages of classic online casinos and blockchain technologies. CoinCasino concept is using our own crypto currency CAS tokens. This crypto currency is fully transferable into fiat money.

A little bit different cryptocurrency

In temporary world there is about 1,500 cryptocurrencies and this number grows steadily. The main purpose of many of these cryptocurrencies was aim to create independent a decentralised alternative to fiat money. Some cryptocurrencies were designed as the mean of raising funds for some startup company. This type of process is called Initial Coin Offering (ICO). CoinCasino is not first project which uses ICO to get venture capital to accelerate its business. On the other hand it is set up as new unique way how to combine casino, online gaming and blockchain technology.

Development and future grow

CoinCasino launched its ICO on 15th of January 2018 and it will last up to 15th of February 2018. All in all there is 1,200 000 000 CAS tokens available for our clients. The conversion ratio is 100 CAS tokens for 1 USD during its ICO period. Money gained by selling CAS tokens will be used by founders of CoinCasino for finalization of this project. In half of year 2018 it is scheduled launching of CoinCasino like Bitcoin gaming platform. The players will use CAS tokens for playing casino games like slots, blackjack, ruleta a baccarat. Big demand in future will increase the price of CAS tokens significantly.

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Customer orientation? 100 % yes
Thanks to smart contract your money will be safe and belong only to you. The presence of a European license for financial activities, confirmed by the guarantee of a large bank, ensures payment of winnings in any amount.

Our clients are never asked for documents for identification and playing in the online casino CoinCasino. Confidentiality and privacy preservation foremost!

With the use of blockchain, we were able to create an absolutely safe and honest casino. No one and under any circumstances cannot influence the distribution and game combinations.

Investors and players are welcome!

At this moment the CoinCasino is in phase of Initial Coin Offering (ICO). This ICO will last still 18 days that is why you have still opportunity to join. As potential investor you can buy our cryptocurrency now and hold it until our project will be launched as gaming platform and the demand for CAS tokens will arise. In case you are interested in CoinCasino play, now it is right time to buy CAS tokens in advance for favourable price.

Would you like to know more details about CoinCasino? Look at its whitepaper at link below!

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