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  • china-money-laundering-800x350-4426710

    China has captured more than 1,000 individuals for utilizing the benefits from wrongdoing to purchase […]

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  • china-searches-blocked-800x350-8872842

    The profits from Bitcoin this year are sliding beneath customary resources as digital forms of […]

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  • china-social-media-800x350-7125762

    A large number of crypto-related records in China’s Twitter-like Weibo stage were obstructed over the […]

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  • iran-crypto-mining-800x350-8913779

    Iran has prohibited the energy-escalated mining of cryptographic forms of money like Bitcoin for almost […]

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  • china-bitcoin-mining-800x350-9346382

    China’s most recent move to fix cryptographic money guidelines is definitely not another turn of […]

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  • asian-markets-mixed-800x350-9657205

    Offers were mixed in Asia after benchmarks shut comprehensively lower on Wall Street in a […]

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  • The quantity of public organizations putting resources into bitcoin is becoming around the world. In […]

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  • Bitcoin descended back to about $50,000 in Asian exchanging on Thursday subsequent to plunging as […]

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  • A main monetary administration group  settled in Singapore, DBS, discussed the presentation of its crypto […]

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  • Organizations in Asia are starting to wager on cryptographic forms of money, with South Korean […]

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  • When Beijing threatens to close digital currency trades and boycott Bitcoin buys, costs tank. For […]

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  • Bitcoin and other cryptographic forms of money endured heavy misfortunes last week on the worry […]

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  • As indicated by the Cambridge Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index, or CBECI, Xinjiang addresses almost one-fourth […]

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  • Purchasers are losing strength as potential gain force eases back. The general strength list (RSI) […]

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  • Coinbase made a stirring introduction on Wall Street on Wednesday (Apr 14), with shares  of […]

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  • The Singapore government is presently cautioning the general population to practice risk alert when exchanging […]

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  • Chinese online lottery organization has absorbed Bee Computing, a Hong Kong-enrolled producer of bitcoin […]

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  • Regardless of whether bitcoin loses favor with the big name patrons assisting with boosting its […]

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  • Southeast Asia’s first protection upheld Bitcoin reserve, BCMG Genesis Bitcoin Fund-I (BGBF-I), has vowed a […]

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  • Pursuing a 25-year-old programmer’s disclosures about online medication bargains has pushed Bangalore police into the […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: With 350 tickets already sold, Alt Convention features Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Jon Matonis, and many more big names in Bitcoin, finance and government sectors as speakers. Alt Convention is geared towards anyone with an interest in emerging financial technologies, with discounted early bird tickets and substantial sponsorship opportunities available. Alt Convention, a three-day business, finance, and technology […]

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Flutterclub is a Bitcoin casino and sportsbook in one, and it’s one of the firsts of full- licensed platforms that offer both English and Chinese. I had a chance to speak with its CEO, John Flynn, to talk about this Bitcoin gaming site. Jay-R Gatdula: Hello, John. Flutterclub seems to be in the Asian Bitcoin market for some time now. […]

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A recent study suggests that cyber-criminals can actually earn a colossal amount of returns through malware or ransomware investments. Ransomware can include malicious applications, machine infections, and key file scrambling. In most cases, these programs force the victim or machine owner to pay before the data can be reorganised. A ransomware scammer needs three things to initiate the cybercrime – […]

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A regular partner for the Bitcoin Asia community, Ronny Boesing, CEO of Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK) sheds more light on the venture from Bitcoin adoption to working and trading other cryptocurrencies. In an interview, he narrated, “When the music stopped making money from one day to the other, business as well as family changed, and it was time […]

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Last year, I’ve written a piece on LinkedIn about the Bitcoin situation in the Philippines. Nothing has changed much, and the Bitcoin situation in the Philippines is still about remittances. In the past few months, the decentralised cryptocurrency has flourished, set to be a principal ICT growth catalyst in the country. And due to the immense amount of overseas Filipino […]

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Editor’s Note: OneCoin has already been exposed as a global multi-level marketing Ponzi Scheme. Coin News does not encourage our readers any engagement with OneCoin. The interview below will be retained for reference purposes for posterity. Onecoin uses the latest cryptographic technology and security standards, under One which focuses on South East Asian markets. Coin News had a chance to speak […]

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YardWallet is made by an accomplished universal startup group, headquartered in Singapore and with extra individuals in Beijing and Silicon Valley. The mobile applications have been being developed for almost a year, and are intended to execute the majority of bitcoin’s best privacy, security, and accommodation highlights in a bundle that can be utilised by anybody, even novices. The group […]

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Technically, bitcoin is an illegal tender in Indonesia, but that doesn’t seem to stop the Indonesian cryptocurrency ecosystem from prevailing amidst current predicaments. Founder of an Indonesian Bitcoin exchange, Tiyo Triyanto, claimed that Bitcoin utilisation has actually improved annually. Triyanto is the founder of Bitdoku which is Bitcoin exchange catering to the Indonesian market which looks promising. “Daily bitcoin circulation […]

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Mass media varies deeply in a democratic society, but also applies to the cryptocurrency society as a whole. Scholars believe of a promise that the mass media will provide citizens with what they need to know to get along in political society. This is what they call social responsibility theory. In other words, they have transcribed that the highest form […]

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Bitcoin exchange partnerships are abound, and one of the key platforms to offer cryptocurrency to fiat exchange is Independent Reserve. I had the swift chance to speak with a member of its technical staff, Jan Przelozny to talk about The Bitcoin Market. Jay-R Gatdula: Hi, mate. Can you give us a backgrounder on Independent Reserve? How long did it take […]

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