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  • Bitcoin Co. Ltd. (, Thailand’s driving bitcoin exchange, has reported the end of operations. In […]

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    Amidst the Hong Kong dissents, certain people and gatherings are pushing for cryptographic money reception […]

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    Cryptocurrencies are still used worldwide, and one of the great things their globalism features is […]

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    New digital money prospects trade CoinFlex, which professes to be the world’s first trade that […]

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    The wet season, which stretches from April to October, is intended to be a prosperous […]

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    South Korean tech powerhouse, Samsung, has released the organization’s new blockchain KeystoreSDK for engineers and […]

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    The Capital Market Authority is working to quickly arrange licenses for fintech companies in Israel, […]

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    A Singaporean start-up is hoping to change the essence of Southeast Asia by structure brilliant […]

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    Japanese crypto trade Bitpoint is continuing some exchanging administrations following a $28 million hack in […]

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    A board checking U.N. assents says North Korean digital specialists have illicitly fund-raised for the […]

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    Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) raided 33 premises around Kuantan associated with meddling with the power […]

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    The US prohibition on Huawei and its 5G innovation usage is a motivation behind why […]

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    Bitcoin (BTC) has passed $11,000 (£9,047.50) for the first time since mid-July on Monday. The […]

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    In June a year ago, a Chinese trickster was captured in Eastern China for a […]

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    Things are looking up for Taiwan. Cypherpunks Taiwan has effectively raised another Bitcoin satellite beneficiary. […]

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    China’s antagonized view of Bitcoin is being reversed, albeit circumspectly. One of the nation’s driving […]

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    Outspoken Bitcoin and digital money commentator and financial analyst Dr Andy Xie, eminent for anticipating […]

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    The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission has approved four new crypto business operators to legally […]

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    Property worth over Rs 38 Crore ($5.5 million) has been seized in the Indian province […]

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    Cryptocurrency in 2019 is, without a doubt, turning into a political hot potato. This is […]

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FancyHash is a blockchain-based game that uses European roulette rules for determining how the table is played. The thing that makes FancyHash unique is the fact that it takes its results directly from the hash code of the current block transaction on the blockchain network. Coin News had the chance to speak with a representative, Mike, to share more […]

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This is the conclusion of the three-part special interview with Mauriek Putranta of Bitsharia, an Indonesian Bitcoin company focused on giving software solutions to its clients. You may read the first part here and the second part here. The information is open for everyone to learn, Bitcoin as currency or commodity is only small fraction of the potential benefit for any business […]

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Bitcoin price has hit the 400 USD mark again. It has done so before with Asia playing a big role. Although, major players in the market are skeptical to celebrate just yet. Activity had been really unpleasant on the majority of our methodologies consistently. It’s not frequently this happens however, and now we are seeing some new volume out of Asia, […]

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This is the continuation of the three part special interview with Mauriek Putranta of Bitsharia, an Indonesian Bitcoin company focused on giving software solutions to its clients. You may read the first part here. Coin News: What have been the greatest accomplishments or the best times you have had while operating your business since its inception? Mauriek Putranta: There […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: This year blockchain based services will simplify money transfer, purchasing and obtaining of documents in government agencies. US and EU banks are patenting new developments concerning transaction process acceleration and Visa has already launched an applications for car purchasing, service and insurance. Blockchain services are easy to use, safe and quite cheap for both funding recipient and […]

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Established by Marwan Forzley, a previous Western Union general manager, Align Commerce is looking to upset the little business cross-boundary installments market, one it accepts is described by high expenses and poor client experience. Prior to joining Western Union, Forzley was the founder of eBillme, an installments startup gained by the settlement tycoon. In spite of the fact that one of various […]

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Bitcoin in Indonesia has made some even grounds in the past few months. Here comes Bitsharia, “serving as a testing playground to integrate the beautiful philosophy of decentralized concept of bitcoin into normal daily trading and business activity.” Inspired by the good practice of Islamic sharia law, we have spoken with Mauriek Putranta to share more on this venture aiming […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: London, February 5, 2016 — E-Coin would like to introduce BitGo Instant. Users of the popular E-Coin card now have the ability to send bitcoin and load their cards instantly, no longer having to wait for three confirmations. Users can send bitcoin from within the BitGo Instant network, currently consisting of 11 companies, and growing. BitGo has […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: A separate topic of Georgia Gaming Congress will be devoted to the currency conversion in online gaming. A player pays in GEL and an operator receives this payment in USD. Moreover, a company can make a profit on this transaction. How? Head of Global Sales DCC at FEXCO Roger Mechri will speak on this topic. Отдельной темой […]

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Regardless of the developing interest for Bitcoin among vendors and financial specialists, the all-inclusive community in Korea or the customer base which these dealers location are entirely skeptical against Bitcoin. The Bitcoin business and group in Seoul, the capital city of South Korea viewed as the mechanical center point of Southeast Asia have shown fast development, because of the rise […]

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