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    China’s state organizer needs to ban bitcoin mining in the nation, as per a draft […]

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    East Japan Railway Company as a team with cloud and web access supplier IIJ may […]

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    CoinDeal is currently one of the fastest growing crypto exchanges, created at the beginning of […]

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    Coinbase propelled support for staking, beginning with Tezos (XTZ) and Maker (MKR) while Ledger is […]

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    The Iranian government, which had sanctioned an all-out restriction on crypto in April 2018, presently […]

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    Bitcoin Press Release: In a historic day for Pakistan, the government has given the green […]

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    Vietnam is going to see its first completely approved crypto exchange, because of Linh Thanh […]

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    Dubai, the biggest and most populated city in the United Arab Emirates, is presently home […]

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    Bitcoin mobilized to a three-week high, transcending the $4,000 level throughout the end of the […]

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  • hamas-bitcoin-800x350-8006354

    Experts in Gaza are attempting to defeat the money-related attacks authorized on the seaside enclave […]

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    When depicted as a geek who stuffed himself with snacks before his PC, Mark Karpeles […]

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  • un-north-korea-800x350-3555119

    North Korea has been taking a huge number of dollars from crypto trades in an […]

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  • malaysia-mobile-800x350-1718703

    Securities Commission Malaysia has disclosed the rundown of bitcoin exchanges that have selected to proceed with […]

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  • russia-crypto-regulations-800x350-3756057

    Significant digital currencies bounced back on Wednesday morning in Asia in the wake of losing […]

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  • litecoin-asia-800x350-9293697

    Litecoin Creator, Charlie Lee, is set to co-host Asia’s inaugural Litecoin meetup with Alexander Tkachenko, […]

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  • seasteading-thailand-800x350-2065854

    Enthusiasm for digital currency is frequently interlinked with an passion for individual flexibility and a […]

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  • china-bitcoin-mining-800x350-1042365

    Zhu Fa, co-founder of crypto mining pool Poolin, has owned a bullish expression on Bitcoin’s […]

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    Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin offer a protected, secure, direct approach to exchange cash. However, without access […]

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  • cryptocurrency-adoption-800x350-3162551

    Sadly, we didn’t get the enormous flood of crypto reception that should lift Bitcoin higher […]

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  • bitcoin-mining-scam-thailand-800x350-9503228

    A virtual bitcoin mining farm in Thailand has supposedly defrauded clients out of 42 million […]

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Bitcoin organization, Coinplug, Inc. has raised $5 million Series B in a round drove by SBI investment. Established in 2013 and situated in South Korea, Coinplug offers a mixed bag of Bitcoin startups including fiat cash to Bitcoin trade, a Bitcoin wallet benefit, a Bitcoin prepaid card, two-way ATMs and dealer installment handling. What’s more, the organization gives okBitcard, a […]

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Hailing from Sweden, a Bitcoin venture is in the rise. Introducing XBT Provider, a service that introduces Bitcoin Tracker One; Bitcoin as an ETN, an exchange-traded note. Coin News had the chance to speak with its Marketing Manager, Christoffer De Geer, to share some developments in this venture. On Bitcoin When you first use Bitcoin, it is like nothing […]

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There are many Bitcoin news portals, and one of the players in these resources is NewsBTC. I had the chance to speak with its CEO, Jonathan Millet, to discuss his aims and highlights in mounting this Bitcoin site. Jay-R Gatdula:  Hi, Jonathan. Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey– what led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come […]

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The great free Wi-Fi revolution has begun. It began in the streets of New York, where 10,000 phone booths have been converted to Wi-Fi pylons – a project by a Google startup, Sidewalk Labs. Now, with Sundar Pichai as the CEO of Google, the search engine giant is now bringing free internet to India. India has been a calm incubator […]

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Akamai Technologies have previously released a research on the active operations of DD4BC, an extortion group which initiates DDoS attacks to get payments in bitcoin. Some regional banks in Hong Kong are currently being eyed by this group, and according to the chief strategist for cybersecurity, John Ellis, “We are also seeing it happening in South Korea and Japan.” What […]

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Hello Markets is a financial solutions company with offices in Cyprus, Hong Kong, and London that provides white-label platforms to the online trading markets. And now, it has officially said its “hello” to bitcoin with a new agreement with Coinify, a Danish Bitcoin solution provider. In addition, the company hopes that through cryptocurrency, the company can position itself strategically in […]

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The Bitcoin industry is a bustling economy of its own, and there are many movements abound. We had the chance to speak with Dante Castiglione of to share a brief statement on some current highlights in the BTC industry. On Launching a Bitcoin Business First, I understand that good technologies need no alibi, they just take their place; and […]

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There has been many triumphant companies in the BBVA. Spain’s second major bank has held the contest in Mexico City early September and with lots of fintech-focused companies from all over Latin America to take part in the competition. BitNexo, Chile’s premier fintech startup, has been named the winner of BBVA’s Open Talent 2015 content for Latin America. Everledger, a […]

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Bitcoin transactions between the Philippines and Canada are on the rising trend due to an accumulative request for substitute remittance services. Overseas workers who are economically supporting their relatives are supporting the growth of the highly-evolving sector. The umbrella Bitcoin company Satoshi Citadel Industries’ has partnered with California-based worldwide business network and monetary transfer platform, ZipZap, to enable Filipino […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: On September 9th Payment processor ECommPay opened its first Asian office in Singapore to serve clients in the market and those interested in entering it. As a global commercial centre, Singapore is ideally situated at the heart of Asian e-Commerce, attracting companies and specialists from around the world. The Singapore branch office is yet another step in […]

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