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    There has been many triumphant companies in the BBVA. Spain’s second major bank has held […]

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  • rebit-zipzap-5890992

    Bitcoin transactions between the Philippines and Canada are on the rising trend due to an […]

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  • ecommpay-5625216

    Bitcoin Press Release: On September 9th Payment processor ECommPay opened its first Asian office in […]

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  • dd4bc-9242183

    Just as we try to raise the trust for cryptocurrency adoption, there are those who […]

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  • 24xbtc-8151213

    Bitcoin Press Release: Today, we would want to present to you the service of electronic […]

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  • sync-4789706

    Bitcoin Press Release:, the 100% private cloud storage and file sharing platform with over […]

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  • bitcoin-price-stagnant-3352729

    Bitcoin price has fallen beneath discriminating backing – the 1-hour diagram’s 200-period moving normal – […]

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  • bitcoineconomics-5897792

    There’s an interesting insight on the possible reasons why the idea of decentralisation of money […]

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  • dxmarkets2-7008053

    This is the second part of Coin News’s exclusive two-part interview with Marcelo Garcia Casil, […]

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  • dxmarkets-4952847

    This is the first part of Coin News’s exclusive two-part interview with Marcelo Garcia […]

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  • bitcoinscasino2-1703215

    This is the second part of Coin News’s talk with Robert of You […]

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  • bitcoins-casino-3098794

    With the growing number of Bitcoin gambling review sites out there, proves to be […]

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  • mobile-payments-exchange-3044132

    Bitcoin Press Release: Three days of focused, structured business development and information exchange about the […]

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  • ukrainian-gaming-congress-8149013

    Bitcoin Press Release: On September 29, 2015, we will hold a unique event on the global […]

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  • bitcoin-fork-1665255

    The issue spins around Bitcoin’s potential for versatility. Right now, the crypto-cash remains moderately specialty; […]

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  • ashley-madison-hacked-7229763

    Once again, cryptocurrency is being used in bad light as the blackmailers, which assaulted Ashley […]

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  • bitcoin-price-drop-4581401

    Bitcoin price just dropped 15%. It gradually drew nearer the 1-day outline moving midpoints, as […]

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  • bitcoin-hollywood-8913458

    It makes most sense for cryptocurrency, the subject, to be introduced as early as the […]

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  • dogecoin-5270161

    The truth should be told about Dogecoin – despite its origins from a joke, it […]

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  • teach-bitcoin-4160896

    All around the world, particularly in countries with successful tech economies like the United States, […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: On September 24, 2015, Ukraine will host the second Bitcoin Conference that will bring together professionals of cryptocurrency community from around the world and people wishing to get first-hand knowledge about the currency, which has the potential to become the world’s no 1. Bitcoin Conference Kiev will become for the second time a unique fundamental platform in […]

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With the advancement of alternative cryptocurrencies out there and its potential for renewable energy and environmental preservation comes Solarcoin. I had a lengthy talk with François Sonnet, member of the Solarcoin Foundation to discuss the fine details regarding this cryptocurrency. Jay-R Gatdula: Fine day, François. Let’s talk a bit about Solarcoin. I’m fairly curious as to what this cryptocurrency is. […]

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A Bitcoin casino at the same time home of super heroes rolled into one is the first thing that will flash in your mind upon entering BC Casino. Coin News had the chance to speak with its general manager, Brian to tell us a bit about this power player in the industry. Coin News: Can you tell us […]

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Dogecoin is by all accounts encountering some natural development which further adds confirmation to enthusiasm coming back to altcoins. It climbed once again, yet failed to make another high over 92.6 Satoshis. Our earlier week’s upbeat pattern line demonstrated its worth and ensured drawbacks as of late. The cost is attempting to settle over 90.0 Satoshis is a stressing sign. […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: The fourth Affiliate Congress and Expo RACE 2015 will be held on 8-9 October 2015. Conference will simultaneously offer several sections, and one of them is gambling affiliate programs section. Affiliate program has long become one of the ways of interaction between partner that provides a product or service, and partner that gets remuneration for advertising of […]

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Indonesia has a somewhat complex relationship with bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general. For instance, Suasti Atmastuti Astaman, Business Development Manager of Bitcoin Indonesia, has clarified strongly with Coin News that bitcoin is not in fact illegal, but rather restricted in the country. Taken from their official website, this is the official statement of Bank Indonesia related to Bitcoin and […]

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Bitwin’s emergence in the world of Bitcoin gaming has marked the end of the long wait for the Bitcoin casino that offers an extensive selection of top casino games. Coin News had the chance to speak with Ray Tupper of to share some insights on running this Bitcoin gaming site. Coin News: Hi Ray. What led you […]

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DNotes Educational Guide features a user friendly interface, comprehensive how-to guides with many pages to browse, a list of links to help you get started, and a quiz to test your knowledge. Lead developer “cojack” (bitcointalk pseudonym) said he looks forward to continuing development on DNotes Educational Guide, and has several new features that he would like to implement in the […]

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A South East Asia-based Bitcoin site was accused of securities extortion after 72 others like it were seized and closed during this time by Manhattan’s head prosecutor. and different organisations enrolled to YouYou Finance were seized Jan. 16 after an examination that started in July, District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. revealed a relationship of tax evasion pros. A covert […]

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The Bitcoin sports betting market has been around for ages. Bitcoin sports betting platforms have been the odd brother of Bitcoin prediction platforms. Nevertheless, Coin News had the chance to speak with Martin, co-founder of Fairlay to give us the structure of how a platform like this works. Coin News: Hello, Martin. Every Bitcoin operator has gone through […]

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