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  • ecommpay-8393065

    Bitcoin Press Release: On September 9th Payment processor ECommPay opened its first Asian office in […]

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  • dd4bc-4683350

    Just as we try to raise the trust for cryptocurrency adoption, there are those who […]

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  • 24xbtc-3605910

    Bitcoin Press Release: Today, we would want to present to you the service of electronic […]

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  • sync-8811891

    Bitcoin Press Release:, the 100% private cloud storage and file sharing platform with over […]

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  • bitcoin-price-stagnant-2807877

    Bitcoin price has fallen beneath discriminating backing – the 1-hour diagram’s 200-period moving normal – […]

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  • bitcoineconomics-1618033

    There’s an interesting insight on the possible reasons why the idea of decentralisation of money […]

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  • dxmarkets2-3480095

    This is the second part of Coin News’s exclusive two-part interview with Marcelo Garcia Casil, […]

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  • dxmarkets-8363928

    This is the first part of Coin News’s exclusive two-part interview with Marcelo Garcia […]

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  • bitcoinscasino2-1373286

    This is the second part of Coin News’s talk with Robert of You […]

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  • bitcoins-casino-4238181

    With the growing number of Bitcoin gambling review sites out there, proves to be […]

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  • mobile-payments-exchange-2932235

    Bitcoin Press Release: Three days of focused, structured business development and information exchange about the […]

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  • ukrainian-gaming-congress-4889834

    Bitcoin Press Release: On September 29, 2015, we will hold a unique event on the global […]

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  • bitcoin-fork-6239930

    The issue spins around Bitcoin’s potential for versatility. Right now, the crypto-cash remains moderately specialty; […]

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  • ashley-madison-hacked-1462647

    Once again, cryptocurrency is being used in bad light as the blackmailers, which assaulted Ashley […]

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  • bitcoin-price-drop-3248066

    Bitcoin price just dropped 15%. It gradually drew nearer the 1-day outline moving midpoints, as […]

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  • bitcoin-hollywood-5105569

    It makes most sense for cryptocurrency, the subject, to be introduced as early as the […]

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  • dogecoin-7713755

    The truth should be told about Dogecoin – despite its origins from a joke, it […]

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  • teach-bitcoin-9592496

    All around the world, particularly in countries with successful tech economies like the United States, […]

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  • belarus-gaming-congress-5485088

    Belarus is a country where gaming business is alive and thriving. Not only old land-based […]

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  • crypto-7051876

    A Coin News correspondent has managed to discuss with Serge Schout regarding how a Bitcoin […]

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Of course, developments in the cryptocurrency industry are not limited within Asian regions. From Italy, a payment system has emerged from the void. Coin News had the chance to get a brief interview from the CEO of Pay-Bit, Alessandro. Read on as he shares how he mounted this payment system. Coin News: Hi, Alessandro. Can you tell us a […]

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Event Name: 2015 China (Shanghai) Forex Expo Time: September 11th-13th, 2015 Venue: Shanghai Mart Industry: Finance City, Country: Shanghai, China Briefing: The 2015 China (Shanghai) Forex Expo will be taking place on September 11th-13th, 2015 in Shanghai. It will be a THREE-DAY event for brokers, traders, investors, affiliates and IBs from across China as well as across the world. With […]

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A company that has been providing complete gaming solution for Bitcoin gaming operators, Casinowebscripts proves to be a great player in the cryptocurrency world. It is a top casino gaming provider that offers complete casino solutions with no monthly fees from operators’ revenue. Among their products and services, the company provides a first-class casino management platform and over 150 mobile and desktop […]

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Bitcoin Group India is a futuristic Bitcoin and Altcoin investment company from India. They are endeavouring to setup Bitcoin-based businesses across India. Coin News has managed to get in touch with Ajay Kiran of Bitcoin Group India to talk about the latest updates in their business. Coin News: What sparked your interest in bitcoin? Ajay Kiran: It was […]

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For three years, Newsandscore has been operating to give the Bitcoin community its much needed dose of online entertainment through cryptocurrency betting. Coin News had the chance to speak with Stephen Turk, Nascasino’s brand manager to give us an in-depth look on their operation. Coin News: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey– what led you to […]

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There is an indefinite trend in Bitcoin remittance from Taiwan to the Philippines. Now, the main Bitcoin exchange in Vietnam as of late dispatched a Bitcoin remittance benefit in the nation called cash2vn. This will empower clients to send stores to their families and companions in Vietnam through the Bitcoin system and the cash2vn stage for an expense of $2 […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Bitcoin alternative DNotes’ co-founder Alan Yong will be joining the “Innovation Spotlight: Digital Currencies” panel at Silicon Dragon, to be held at the NASDAQ on June 22nd, 2015. DNotes is a second generation digital currency focused on long-term adoption, scalability, and solving real-world issues. DNotes co-founder Alan Yong is pleased to be joining the Innovation Spotlight: Digital […]

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Swiftcoin is a new cryptocurrency where transactions are encrypted and anonymous, and there is no central bank or authority to watch over transactions or users. The First National Bnak acts as an exchange, and Swiftcoin price guide. Coin News had the chance to converse swiftly with Daniel Bruno on this cryptocurrency. Coin News: Hi Daniel, can you tell […]

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Maicoin, a Taiwanese startup, has propelled a framework that lets clients purchase bitcoin at 10,000 convenience stores in the region, both over the counter and at in-store terminals. It’s founder and CEO Alex Liu has stated that outside specialists utilising bitcoin for settlements would profit by the over-the-counter administration, as it doesn’t oblige clients to have a financial balance. It seems […]

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On an limited correspondence, Coin News has managed to get an inside scoop on the another booming cryptocurrency gaming site, backed by none other than one of the greatest warriors of our time, Manny Pacquiao, VitalBet proves that high standards are still tantamount in any operation. Coin News: What led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come […]

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