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    KuCoin Global CEO, Johnny Lyu in an announcement unveiled yesterday about a revealed hack of […]

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    Mastercard is steering the ship to spread digital money reception and curating development in the […]

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    The East-Asian market is the biggest in the digital currency scene, representing an incredible 31% […]

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    Iraq cut costs for the entirety of its rough evaluations available to be purchased to […]

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  • hackers-china-800x350-3479979

    The ABC7 I-Team has discovered that Illinois organizations were among the targets of corporate robbery […]

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  • india-crypto-trading-ban-800x350-3299471

    India is by and by ready to take action against crypto. The administration intends to […]

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    SoftBank has consented to sell Arm Holdings to US chip organization Nvidia for $40 billion, […]

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  • kraken-japan-800x350-1514763

    Kraken crypto trade is making a return into the Japanese market, two years after it […]

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  • hotbit-korea-800x350-8640084

    Hotbit Korea has recorded two Bitcoin SV (BSV) sets on its foundation, beginning September 4. […]

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  • singapore-benchmark-800x350-2717978

    Singapore Exchange Ltd. is making two new digital money records with the objective of setting […]

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  • kazakhstan-investment-800x350-2466962

    Kazakhstan is anticipating drawing in 300 billion tenges (around $715 million) worth of investments for […]

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  • japan-crypto-trading-investment-800x350-3629461

    Japanese monetary giant SBI Holdings is planning to dispatch contract-for-difference, or CFD, exchanging for significant […]

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  • coinbit-800x350-4281180

    South Korea’s third-biggest digital money trade has been seized by police following misrepresentation claims which […]

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  • us-north-korea-lawsuit-800x350-5947543

    The United States government has recorded a claim trying to hold onto more than 280 […]

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  • coincheck-ieo-800x350-2823113

    Coincheck, one of the biggest crypto trades in Japan, reported that it would uphold a […]

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  • bitcoin-digital-payments-800x350-1865754

    Asia is the biggest market for advanced installments and will keep up its driving situation […]

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  • hong-kong-police-800x350-4563869

    The Hong Kong Police Force’s cybersecurity and tech crime  agency has captured three individuals after […]

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  • dbs-central-bank-800x350-5515646

    DG Lab as of late publicly released its proposition for a decentralized account (DeFi) item […]

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  • kookmin-bank-800x350-8177676

    KB Kookmin Bank (KB), the biggest business bank in South Korea, has concurred with an […]

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  • kazakhstan-bitcoin-mining-800x350-1840584

    Kazakhstan has proposed another 15% expense on Bitcoin mining organizations with a plan to support […]

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Maicoin, a Taiwanese startup, has propelled a framework that lets clients purchase bitcoin at 10,000 convenience stores in the region, both over the counter and at in-store terminals. It’s founder and CEO Alex Liu has stated that outside specialists utilising bitcoin for settlements would profit by the over-the-counter administration, as it doesn’t oblige clients to have a financial balance. It seems […]

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On an limited correspondence, Coin News has managed to get an inside scoop on the another booming cryptocurrency gaming site, backed by none other than one of the greatest warriors of our time, Manny Pacquiao, VitalBet proves that high standards are still tantamount in any operation. Coin News: What led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come […]

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It seems with these news coming from CCEDK, cryptocurrencies as a source of payment are moving closer to becoming the no. 1 choice of the every-day consumer! They have been working on a better solution, and the Crypto Debit NanoCard with no volatility risk may just be the possible gamechanger we’re waiting for – targeting Filipinos as well as Mexican and […]

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A child of Payyard, Yardwallet is your new and secure Bitcoin wallet, using the standard Bitcoin protocol based on HD Wallet (BIP32) technology. Kun Liu, Co-Founder and PM of Yardwallet, and I have a little chat on this great offering to the Bitcoin community for Coin News. Jay-R Gatdula: Hi, Kun. Can you tell us a bit about Yardwallet? […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: With 350 tickets already sold, Alt Convention features Andreas M. Antonopoulos, Jon Matonis, and many more big names in Bitcoin, finance and government sectors as speakers. Alt Convention is geared towards anyone with an interest in emerging financial technologies, with discounted early bird tickets and substantial sponsorship opportunities available. Alt Convention, a three-day business, finance, and technology […]

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Flutterclub is a Bitcoin casino and sportsbook in one, and it’s one of the firsts of full- licensed platforms that offer both English and Chinese. I had a chance to speak with its CEO, John Flynn, to talk about this Bitcoin gaming site. Jay-R Gatdula: Hello, John. Flutterclub seems to be in the Asian Bitcoin market for some time now. […]

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A recent study suggests that cyber-criminals can actually earn a colossal amount of returns through malware or ransomware investments. Ransomware can include malicious applications, machine infections, and key file scrambling. In most cases, these programs force the victim or machine owner to pay before the data can be reorganised. A ransomware scammer needs three things to initiate the cybercrime – […]

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A regular partner for the Bitcoin Asia community, Ronny Boesing, CEO of Crypto Coins Exchange Denmark ApS (CCEDK) sheds more light on the venture from Bitcoin adoption to working and trading other cryptocurrencies. In an interview, he narrated, “When the music stopped making money from one day to the other, business as well as family changed, and it was time […]

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Last year, I’ve written a piece on LinkedIn about the Bitcoin situation in the Philippines. Nothing has changed much, and the Bitcoin situation in the Philippines is still about remittances. In the past few months, the decentralised cryptocurrency has flourished, set to be a principal ICT growth catalyst in the country. And due to the immense amount of overseas Filipino […]

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Editor’s Note: OneCoin has already been exposed as a global multi-level marketing Ponzi Scheme. Coin News does not encourage our readers any engagement with OneCoin. The interview below will be retained for reference purposes for posterity. Onecoin uses the latest cryptographic technology and security standards, under One which focuses on South East Asian markets. Coin News had a chance to speak […]

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