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coin-of-view-7927754Bitcoin Press Release: In addition, getting alternative coins is plain and simple. Just like Bitcoins, you can acquire them in trading exchange markets. For businesses that revolve around Bitcoin as their only method of payment, opening the doors to an altcoin is becoming a necessity. With Bitcoin’s somewhat slow confirmation times and quickly growing blockchain, keeping up with technology is a must. Luckily, there is Coin of View.

With approximately 300 cryptocurrencies in its arsenal, Coin of View is surely the one-stop resource in altcoin information. Alternative cryptocurrencies is on the rise in the domain of online trading and they are almost near the bitcoin’s rising tide. This fact made ‘Will Bitcoin remain the top payment solution in online trading because it is the first cryptocurrency?’ a tough question to answer.

According to their crowdfunding initiative,

“Coin of View provide all the information we can extract from the Blockchains, but we are not going to limit “only” that. Since Exchanges and Markets to Faucets through some analysis of the source, active peers, comparative RPC API code, data mining… the challenge is to aggregate the information to view properly, and not overwhelm with so much data!

We love cryptocoins, as users, as miners, as developers and traders, as well as administrators and fans to the economy… so we decided to create a website that would be useful for all user profiles. We want to get as much as possible of people, not just professionals, so the web will contain very didactic and understandable explanations of the origin of all data. We also intend to translate the web as many languages as possible.”


Many businesses have started accepting multiple forms of cryptocurrency.  As with any business, opening the doors to making things easier on customers is of a huge benefit. Whether it’s a trading site, a good seller or a service, the more currencies that are allowed, the better off they will be in terms of customer retention.

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In a recent talk with Pele Granel,

“Everyone gives information about the market. Nobody analyzes blockchains. By analyzing blockchains, we can know much more, and among other things be able to prevent scams. The markets can be manipulated, but in the blockchains it is difficult to do it. In the blockchain, you can see the total addresses, transactions.”

Coin of View will surely prove itself to be a valuable resource in alternative cryptocurrencies.

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