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Coin News has spoken with Evander Smart regarding CryptList, a new and exciting advertising platform. You may read the first part here.

Jay-R Gatdula: What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

Evander Smart: Regulation doesn’t work. In the U.S. you could point to most recent economic events and show where regulators looked the other way or were derelict in their responsibilities. Regulators protect the largest corporations and banks, and attack the common man, so many, many laws are either unethical in their prosecution, or are designed to protect banks and the established corporations from competition.

I expect the Bitcoin community to help break that mold, with the smartest IT professionals on Earth building amazing solutions that will enhance personal freedom and security. Bitcoin is for those who don’t want banks and government controlling all aspects of their lives. Bitcoin is the bank of you and me. Having been a banker, I trust you more than the banks to do what’s right.

JG: That’s nice to hear. Do you think a superior altcoin will supersede Bitcoin in the near future?

ES: Bitcoin’s “Network Effect” will protect Bitcoin for the foreseeable future. Altcoins are a good idea. I think of them as a farm system, where new options and solutions can be tested, and maybe integrated into Bitcoin in the future.

JG: And my favorite question: do you have a Bitcoin price prediction?

ES: In 5-10 years, Bitcoin should be worth 50-100 times what it is worth today. For next year, after the Bitcoin halving in July, I’d expect the price to at least pass $500-600 USD at the end of 2016, but Bitcoin price is not as big a deal as people make it out to be. Comparing its value to a fiat currency is like comparing the Internet’s value to how many fax machines it replaces, as Andreas Antonopoulos would say.

JG: What can we expect from your venture in the near future?

ES: I also look to establish Bitcoin video training site, or membership sites, where I can show people new to Bitcoin how it works and answer the most popular question about Bitcoin by the public, “What is Bitcoin?”

JG: Finally, for those who don’t get Bitcoin, do you have any suggestions? Also, final thoughts?

ES: Get it! If you like and “get” the Internet”, you’ll love Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the Internet of money.

Also, check out the CryptList crowdfunding page, and select the perks that are right for you: x/12852440#/

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I have written over 325 Bitcoin news and education articles since the summer of 2014, being paid in Bitcoin. It doesn’t pay nearly as well as working on Wall Street, but I have never been happier, doing what I love, helping the Bitcoin community learn and grow.

The Bitcoin community needs a place where the Bitcoin community can freely (with Free ads) exchange the latest in Bitcoin ideas, goods and services. Craigslist worked wonderfully for the mainstream ad market, and CryptList is just modern 2015-version, with HD graphics, social shares, image sliders, and a Bitcoin-centric theme.

The Bitcoin community will be better with CryptList in it, IMHO, that’s why I am doing this. Bitcoin needs its own version of all the major mainstream sites. Search engines, ESPN, porn sites, there is so much open terrain in Bitcoin, it is like “The Wild West” in the U.S. Build your vision, and connect it to the community. We need people with vision, and the community need to support those who care enough to create something for us. CryptList is not about me. I’m doing it because Bitcoin needs this to grow. Let’s do this!

JG: Well said, Evander. Thank you very much.

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