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shanghai-blockchain-hackathon-9035212The team up of the year, Deloitte and WanXiang Blockchain Labs, has cooked up something for the Bitcoin community with the premier Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon starting on the 8th of January.  With $100,000 up for grabs, this hackathon is definitely an event to take a gander at. The event is sponsored by FBS Capital and Ethereum.

“Our focus on how technology and going digital are changing the ways we live is globally orchestrated. Deloitte people from the different countries around the world [have] formed a specialized team ‘Deloitte digital’ to understand the impact how digitizations [sic] is changing every industry and ecosystems for each industry, so that we as a firm can help ourselves and our clients to adapt to this environment. The Chinese market is not to be missed. And we wish to set a global level playing field here,” Yi Qing of Deloitte said in an interview.

She explained that Deloitte’s goals are to “educate the market from concept to practical applications; setting up a platform for Blockchain developers cross borders to share coding experiences and ideas; engage engineers and corporate participants to explore Blockchain applications for various industries in real business world,”  said Qing.

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The hackathon is said to be worth it since its will give its members a chance to meet elites from the Blockchain world, money-related, funding and different commercial enterprises who may later turn into their potential business accomplices, financial specialists, and clients.


As per their website,


Shanghai Blockchain Hackathon, which is organized by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and Deloitte, will be held from Jan 8,2016 to Jan 10,2016 in Shanghai. Participants will be divided into several small teams. All teams will have 2 days to innovate, design and develop their projects. Experts from Ethereum, Deloitte Rubix Team and Wanxiang Blockchain Labs will provide technical support for participants. Each team will have the chance to present their prototype and win the 100K USD reward!”

WangXiang Blockchain labs is a frontier research institution focused on the Blockchain technology. The lab gathers experts in this field to work on technological development, business applications, industrial strategy. Deloitte, on the other hand, uses of Blockchain technology in banking and retail businesses. It also interacts with Blockchain based start-ups, retail and banking sectors.

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