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cedex-1893420Bitcoin Press Release: You’ve heard the saying “diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

However, with the diamond industry estimated to be worth more than $80 per annum, this might soon change to “diamonds are an investor’s best friend”.

The question is: how can you make money out of this lucrative industry?

CEDEX Coin might be the answer you were looking for.

Why should you invest in diamonds?

Whilst gold, silver and platinum might be more popular, diamonds are actually a better investment option since it tends to be less volatile during uncertain times, or times of financial instability.

The precious gem is liked by the millennial generation as well as the middle class and although the supply of diamonds is expected to stay relatively flat, the demand is expected to take a steep upward trajectory in the coming years.



In addition, the diamond industry is well settled across the globe and enjoys the protection of various laws which safeguards your investment, further increasing its viability as a savvy investment vehicle.

Why support CEDEX?

The diamond market has very much been cornered by a few companies in the world.

Those who are looking to buy diamonds mostly go to a reputable shop or vendor to buy the precious stones. When it comes to people or individuals who wish to sell diamonds on the open market, it becomes tricky.

It is extremely difficult for individuals to sell a diamond at a price equal to what you would see at jewellery stores. This may be due to the idea that so-called ‘second hand’ diamonds do not enjoy the same status as a brand-new diamond.

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In addition, the corruption associated with buying a fake or flawed diamond from unlicensed vendors means this is all but a closed market for individuals.

CEDEX is aiming to solve this problem by allowing diamond owners and sellers to trade diamonds on a secure platform where they can be assured of the quality and integrity of a specific stone.

The details of the diamond along with the credentials of the current owner are stored on an immutable Blockchain so that other users or interested buyers can view these details from the comfort of their home.

Let’s be honest, your money should continue working for you even when the jewellery store is closed. The CEDEX platform enables you to do this as trades can be done at any time of day or night.

CEDEX is proud to be a global exchange that brings the diamond industry and the financial markets to meet in one convenient place.

Who says a diamond has to be forever? For the first time, anyone can make some money from this lucrative industry by trading their personal diamonds without having to put one foot out the front door.

What is the CEDEX Coin?

You can start by trading with your CEDEX Coin on the CEDEX Exchange to reap the benefits. The core concept of CEDEX is simple: buy and sell diamonds from the platform.

And the whole process will be facilitated by the CEDEX Coin.

The CEDEX token is built on the Ethereum Blockchain which means it’s a public network that’s ERC-20-compatible. As with most cryptocurrencies, the growth in trading volume of the CEDEX Coin will mainly be driven by the number of exchanges taking place between buyers and sellers.

Further functionality of the CEDEX Coin will include:

  • The token will be used to purchase diamonds as well as diamond derivatives on the platform.
  • Payment for services provided by custodians, transportation, insurance and gemological labs.
  • The CEDEX Coin will cover the collateral and borrowing fees on short positions.
  • A CEDEX Coin loan can be taken out by using investment portfolios as collateral.
  • Diamond dealers will be able to accept the CEDEX Coin as compensation for diamond sales.


CEDEX has done what most have struggled to achieve. They have taken an age-old industry, applied modern technology to it, and brought it thoroughly into the 21st century.

By leveraging the revolutionizing capabilities of Blockchain-technology, CEDEX has opened up the diamond market, releasing the constraining grip a small closed-group of expert traders has had on the industry for many years.

Making diamonds available to the masses, CEDEX has shown that diamonds truly are an investor’s best friend.

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