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dicewallet-tdx-ether-9661697Bitcoin Press Release: Officially launched on February of 2016, Dicewallet is an interesting mobile app that can help ease your entry into the world of cryptocurrency. The wrong wallet can make it difficult or risky for an online gambler to wager at online sites. This is why selecting the right one is very important, which is where Dice Wallet comes in. Now, it has amped up its services by joining the Ether network this month along with Triple Dice Exchange.

At present time, Ether had a market cap of $9bn. There’s no doubt that this integration will give Dicewallet and TDX users that unique advantage, especially since the price of Ether has passed $100 already, an all time high for the cryptocurrency.

Dice Wallet, of course, is a lightweight mobile wallet app for use anywhere. The biggest feature that the app has is its cross-functionality between the different cryptocurrencies, and with ether joining the fold, it’s bound to be more interactive and better than the other choices. The appplication lets people use many different currencies smoothly, buying and sending money to satisfaction. It also lets users to send their cryptocurrencies to specific email addresses for people without Bitcoin or digital currency wallets.

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Triple Dice Exchange, on the other hand, is a trusted bitcoin exchange providing a safe, globally compliant, and highly reputable platform for anyone to buy and sell bitcoins. Now, it introduces the new trade mode in which one of the most innovative additions to any platform to date. In the trade mode, TDX can of course trade Ether now as well, not just BTC. Additionally, it’s not limited to these coins particularly. It also includes other well-known cryptocurrencies in its roster of tradable coins.

These platforms are very secure. DICE Wallet alone knows that users like to keep their money, and the best way to do this is with stringent security measures. This includes touch and password protection. It also uses the best possible encryption to protect customer data. All a user has to do is join Dicewallet and Triple Dice Exchange by registering an account, and they can start trading right away.

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