DNotes Educational Guide: Mobile Digital Currency Learning

dnotes1-1455371DNotes Educational Guide features a user friendly interface, comprehensive how-to guides with many pages to browse, a list of links to help you get started, and a quiz to test your knowledge. Lead developer “cojack” (bitcointalk pseudonym) said he looks forward to continuing development on DNotes Educational Guide, and has several new features that he would like to implement in the near future.

The initial inspiration behind this guide came from a general lack of understanding about digital currency among the public. That lack of understanding has seriously hampered Bitcoin’s adoption, and spawned countless misinformed headlines that damaged its reputation. This negative publicity deters a lot of people from wanting to learn more about digital currency. DNotes Educational Guide is here to make sure all people, no matter who they are, have an equal opportunity to learn about digital currency in the early stages.

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dnotes-screenshot-3198884One of the misconceptions of digital currency is that it is only for the tech savvy. This is a new industry that will affect everyone’s lives with a massive amount of new technology, jobs, businesses, and wealth creation.  There have been very few opportunities in history when everyday people have had the chance to take part in the early stages of something like this.  It is important to learn about this early so you can make informed decisions about investing in this space or taking a job that requires digital currency knowledge.

There is an overwhelming amount of fragmented knowledge out there, and I wanted to make this simple enough that people from all walks of life and from anywhere in the world, can learn about it at their own pace.   According to eMarketer, “The number of smartphones worldwide will surpass 2 billion in 2016.”  That figure jumps to 2.56 billion, or one third of the world’s population, in 2018.  An app like this makes learning about digital currency accessible for everyone.

Save time and effort with this easy to use guide on digital currency. Why waste countless hours sorting through potentially misleading information, when our industry professionals who wrote this guide have spent thousands of hours doing it for you. It features a continually expanding database of how to guides, terms and definitions, and quiz to test your knowledge.

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