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Singapore, 27 July 2018. DATAVLT’s public sale process will officially launch on 13 Aug 2018, with the kick off of initial KYC (Know Your Client) and other regulatory mandatories kicking off from 31 July 2018.

The new DATAVLT utility token, known as “DVLT”, aims to achieve anywhere between a soft target of 12,000–15,000 (ETH) and hard target of up to 35,000 (ETH). The public sale will be open to consortium and retail investors alike, with a minimum investment of 1 ETH per investor, with no upper limit cap on investment. Each Ether will yield 6,000 DVLT tokens.

DATAVLT offers sophisticated business and marketing data analytics tools based on blockchain technology, that are secure, affordable and efficient for businesses of any size, allowing for speedier translation of data into insights. DVLT utility tokens will form part of the DATAVLT ecosystem of data analytics and will be beneficial for a number of reasons:

  • To track utility cycles
  • To optimise token cycles to ensure stability
  • To maintain overall sustainability of the ecosystem

Lead by the company’s three co-founders, Michelle Yeo, Benny Low and Willy Wong, and supported by technical leads, Yuan Xun, Chief Blockchain Architect, and Akbar Ahmed, Lead Data Scientist, DATAVLT strives to help SMEs from across various competitive industries to thrive by building an information management and data analytics platform secured by the utility token DVLT and Blockchain. The ICO is supported by Christopher Bridges Law Corporation, a legal firm specializing in Fintech and ICO listings

DATAVLT have teamed up with the Singapore-based RegTech company Cynopsis, which specialises in anti-money laundering (AML), counter terrorism financing (CTF) and Know-Your-Customer (KYC) processes. These safety procedures are integral parts of the modern financial system, and ensure that blockchain technology is integrated into global governance systems.

Additionally, DATAVLT have been working diligently to update their backend, including aspects of the website and token wallet, with the token sale landing page to be opened to the public one week before the launch on 13 August 2018.

Funds raised by the ICO will be allocated across business operations, development, research & development, marketing, and assets:

DATAVLT: Allocation of funds for investment

DATAVLT have garnered some attention to date, with a buzzing community on Telegram, as well as excitement building across a number of cryptocurrency websites including Altcoin News, Tokendesk, Coinlist and Cointelligence to name but a few, as well as Yahoo Finance, Finanzen Germany, New Delhi Times, Markets Insider and Technode. DATAVLT has also been actively participating at leading Blockchain and tech startup events such as Blockshow Berlin, Echelon Asia Summit, and numerous grassroots events around Asia.

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DATAVLT will be providing a more detailed schedule of the public sale in upcoming digests via its website, including token swap information and incentives for early investors. For further details of DATAVLT’s offering, including the full whitepaper and executive biographies, please refer to www.datavlt.com


DATAVLT is an agile, innovative, on-demand, data analytics platform, secured by Blockchain technology, that has been designed to provide users with integrated and correlated insights. Backed by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, this platform empowers enterprises to make meaningful sense of big data and scale cost efficiently. Essentially, DATAVLT is an end-to-end data/information management platform. Contact us at datavlt.com

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