Exclusive: Manny Pacquiao's VitalBet Raises the Bar on Bitcoin Casinos

manny-pacquiao-5459953On an limited correspondence, Coin News has managed to get an inside scoop on the another booming cryptocurrency gaming site, backed by none other than one of the greatest warriors of our time, Manny Pacquiao, VitalBet proves that high standards are still tantamount in any operation.

Coin News: What led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come to believe that it is something that you would devote your business into?

VitalBet: Our long experience in online marketing and advertising has placed a good base of knowledge in the constantly moving online world. When bitcoin showed up on the scene, we decided that this is the future of payments and even everyday spending. Our passion for innovation made us think how we shall implement the uprising cryptocurrency into a sustainable business.

Being backed by Manny Pacquiao, it left us no choice, but to work with the same passion as when he fights on the ring. Every day, there is a new challenge. We set our goals high, and we won’t settle until we meet the expectations.

CNA: What can you say is the best thing about your Bitcoin gaming site in comparison with other crypto-related gaming sites?

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VB: We have our own platform. We provide lots of benefits to our customers. We offer bets on bitcoin like no other operator. Our bonus programme is tailored to deliver extra cash for every single user. Having a unique design and being backed by one of the most legendary boxers in the world also place us ahead. We have developed the most advanced eSports betting platform in the world, which really makes the difference.

Our Mystery Jackpots trigger every single day and make our customers earn extra cash without a much effort. We offer a 100% deposit bonus up to EUR 50. And we have personally tailored a VIP bonus programme to serve any rollers needs.

Having various numbers of payment methods including VISA , Master Card , Skrill, Neteller and many more, makes it easier for all types of audience, not only crypto. We are also fully licensed by the Curacao gaming authorities, and we provide a full and fast payment system.


CNA: How about future ventures? What can we expect from Vitalbet in the next few months?

VB: We have created a Bitcoin gambling environment where you can place bets on the price changing and industry-related questions like difficulty rising. It is all integrated in a nice, easy to navigate platform which makes betting a game, even in the complicated tech world of bitcoin. We will very soon launch our newly made sportsbook platform, which is also developed to the high standards we apply.

CNA: What do you think bitcoin needs to gain more conventional adoption?

 VB: In the future, people will open their eyes and minds more, and as bitcoin continues to develop sustainability, it will definitely become the leading currency in the not so distant future. We’re rooting for a 500 USD price by the end of 2015.

CNA: Very well; thank you very much.

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