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fancyhash-6989318FancyHash is a blockchain-based game that uses European roulette rules for determining how the table is played. The thing that makes FancyHash unique is the fact that it takes its results directly from the hash code of the current block transaction on the blockchain network. Coin News had the chance to speak with a representative, Mike, to share more on this simplistic yet marvelous Bitcoin gaming site.

Coin News: Hi, Mike, what led you to be interested in Bitcoin and come to believe that it is something that you would devote much of your time to?

Mike: Bitcoin has been known very long in the circle of my friends. Today, a lot of people and assets are involved in this area, and there are no doubts that bitcoin and the blockchain technology are interesting and promising things.

CNA: How long did it take you to launch your Bitcoin casino?

M: The programming has taken about one month. There were not any serious difficulties in this sense. The only thing that caused some doubts – the specific algorithm for obtaining the winning number of their message digest (hash).

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CNA: What can you say is the best thing about your Bitcoin casino in comparison with other crypto-related gaming sites?

M: The bulk of the so-called Bitcoin casino or Bitcoin gambling sites have nothing to do with Bitcoin technology. The only thing that connects these sites with Bitcoin is that you can deposit your account on the website using Bitcoin. Our game is really based on blockchain technology. The winning number is generated from the hash of the next block. The event – the spinning of the wheel is not virtually, and forming according to blockchain technology. All this creates a unique atmosphere of reality of what is happening. The gameplay is not just random generated numbers generated against the backdrop of beautiful images, which are shown to the player by pressing a button. It is something more. The winning number is forming like on a physical level. Another interesting point is that a lot of players are involved in the game simultaneously. And they can see each other’s bets. While, in most online casino, the winning number is generated to each player and he or her plays alone.


CNA: On what platform does your sites run on?

M: All used software is open source.

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CNA: Can you share some latest innovations with your brand? What characteristics of your Bitcoin casino do you consider the most radical?

M: As far as I know, not one online casino uses blockchain to generate a winning number. In this sense, our site is unique.

CNA: What significant bonuses do you offer your players that are superior to the offerings of other Bitcoin casinos?

M: Firstly, we are always 100% fair play. The player does not need to download something, and constantly check and check. Think about how and when the winning numbers were generated for him. Before he made the bet, or may be after… When using the blockchain technology, there are not these issues. The game is completely transparent.

Secondly, you can see and analyze, perfecting your game strategies, all your and other players’ bets, winnings and losses.

To be continued…

Disclaimer: Customers should do their own research before committing to any gambling activity.  They are the one to be held liable for infringing the laws of the land they are residing in. Thus, Coin News is not responsible for any losses sustained in willful participation on our featured gaming platforms.

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