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fdis-copy-7452734Bitcoin Press Release: The First Session of Financial Derivatives Industry Summit, B2B Seminar 2016 will be held in Shanghai on June 2016 24-25. The Financial Derivatives Industry Seminar gathers the elites of the industry, and at the same time, it provides an excellent social networking platform to exchange ideas and views to increase contacts. Participants will have the opportunity to learn the technology progress, related laws and regulations and many new channel to participate in the current global financial market. It will achieve a win-win situation of building a platform of a cooperation and networking expanding for the financial elites!

More than 60 well-known financial derivatives institutions such as forex brokers, financial asset management companies, forex brokers, binary options brokers, internet banks, financial technology companies, trading platform providers, exchanges attend The First Session of Financial Derivatives Industry Summit, B2B Seminar 2016. It faces to the persons in charge, agents and B browser users of financial field, high-end customers, trading centers, members of exchanges, Internet finance, and asset management agents, EA, program trading, digital trading companies, forex, binary options, Bulk Stock, futures and other institutions.

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It builds a professional, reliable and the most effective communication platform between brokers and IB to let us know each other more and to build a better financial market. The seminar will be equipped with forum meeting area, lounge negotiation area, cocktail table negotiation area, booth visit area and other multifunctional communication platforms. The First Session of Financial Derivatives Industry Summit will be held simultaneously. We provide venue in conference area and provide keynote speeches and lectures with rich topics at the same time, covering marketing, financial data technology and industrial innovation, which helps participants easily understand the products, technology and service in the market.

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