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finom-7598664Bitcoin Press Release: TEUFEN, SWITZERLAND – Finom AG blockchain corporation announced a release of a mobile cryptobroker Beetle. The application is the first product of the united corp grown out of Nanopool, TabTrader trading terminal, Cryptonit exchange and Cryptal mining center. Finom promotes making the world of finance available to everyone. Thus, the new application features a user-friendly interface: with a few clicks, any person will be able to purchase a crypto coin from any point in the world.

Beetle allows one to buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with 4,5% commission via credit or debit card and transfer cryptocurrency to a third-party wallet. The previous beta app published under a draft name “Buy bitcoin” was serving 5,000 active users. Nowadays, one can download the new app to iOS or Android devices.

“We offer an easy way of acquiring a digital asset. No more bank wire transfers, no more complicated order entries. No more websites. You can buy coins with Visa or Mastercard right from a smartphone. Adding Ethereum is only our first step. We will be further expanding the range of crypto- and fiat currencies”, claims Kirill Suslov, Finom CEO and TabTrader founder.

Since 1th December, starts its advertising campaign in Europe and later in other world regions. The user’s growth is planned to reach 10,000 per month.

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About Finom

Finom is a Swiss financial blockchain corporation grown out of Nanopool, TabTrader trading terminal, Cryptonit exchange, Cryptal mining center. Nanopool is the world’s third largest mining pool of Ethereum. TabTrader app provides mobile trading on 24 major exchanges: Bittrex, Bitfinex, Poloniex, Kraken etc. The terminal enters Top-5 financial Google Play apps in the US. The companies have a four-year partnership history. Finom makes the world of finance available to everyone by providing a blockchain ecosystem with a single point of entry and AI-assistant. Finom’s ecosystem allows anyone to manage digital currencies and assets conveniently and in compliance with legal regulation.

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Toma Besedina

PR Manager

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