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play2live1-6461953Play2Live (P2L), the first decentralised streaming platform for gamers and esports fans, has announced the joining of Sally Eaves, the highly experienced Chief Technology Officer, Practicing Professor of FinTech and member of the Forbes Technology Council to its advisory board.

Sally combines a depth of experience as a CTO, Practicing Professor of FinTech, Founder and Global Strategic Advisor, specializing in the application of disruptive technologies for both business and societal benefit. She has a superb track record in advising blockchain enterprises and ICO campaigns. Sally is an award-winning thought leader in innovation, digital transformation and emergent technology, notably blockchain, artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotics.

alexey-burdyko-150x150-5067255“An international author, keynote speaker and mentor on FinTech and disruptive technologies, Sally Eaves is consistently ranked amongst the top 10 thought leaders for blockchain and social media influencers worldwide. Joining P2L team as an advisor, she clearly emphasizes the enormous potential of blockchain technology in streaming industry. In addition to the world’s first esports tournament with crypto prize pool Play2Live CryptoMasters held by the end of February in Minsk, Belarus, there is a clear view of project’s progress in terms of technological development. And now we are happy to announce the release of our MVP version 2.0 with enhanced capabilities and functions”, comments Alexey Burdyko, CEO and founder at Play2Live.

The core function of P2L platform is a streaming service, featuring video broadcast of gaming and esports content. Blockchain technology allows P2L to introduce a unique mixture of interactive features and monetizing tools, currently unavailable on existing streaming platforms. The solution changes the rules of the game in the industry, giving monetization opportunities to all participants, including viewers. Essentially, everybody can be part of the peer-to-peer interaction, and everybody  —  even the viewer  —  is able to earn money. Play2Live uses a token called Level Up Coin (LUC) which acts as a sole internal currency within the system. It can be easily converted to other cryptocurrencies or to fiat money through a gateway/API.

sally-eaves-150x150-5793287“Blockchain technology has transformative capabilities and application benefits across multiple industry sectors. We are already witnessing how blockchain can change the way people engage, consume and spend. The worldwide economy is becoming decentralized, with payments more secure and transparent, and consumers can take a more active role in platform, product and service developments — and be fairly rewarded for their contributions. This is why I see blockchain as a ‘natural and exciting’ fit in the streaming industry, which has been highly underexplored until the launch of Play2Live”,  comments Sally Eaves.

Play2live will have 15 sources of revenue, which is three times more compared to the streaming industry leaders. Streamers will be able to monetize their content in 11 ways versus 4-5 available on existing platforms. They can earn from the first stream, regardless of their audience size, as well as boost their audience via interactive tasks during the streams, betting service, enhanced chat communication and other engaging activities! Viewers will have 5 monetization tools – compared to zero elsewhere in streaming industry. They can earn by  watching adverts, performing tasks set by streamers, voting for content, sharing their internet bandwidth via peer-to-peer CDN, and via betting and gambling services.

The public pre-sale for the LUC token started on January 26th and lasted until February 6th. During pre-sale Play2Live secured more than $18 mln. The main token sale event began on February 21st and ends on March 14th. For more information, visit the site or follow Play2Live in various cryptocurrency-oriented media sources.

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