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flutterclub-7029003Flutterclub is a Bitcoin casino and sportsbook in one, and it’s one of the firsts of full- licensed platforms that offer both English and Chinese. I had a chance to speak with its CEO, John Flynn, to talk about this Bitcoin gaming site.

Jay-R Gatdula: Hello, John. Flutterclub seems to be in the Asian Bitcoin market for some time now. Can you give us a backgrounder of this interesting Bitcoin casino?

John Flynn: Hi. We were originally a fantasy betting site after launching in early 2012. We operated a full sportsbook, all with virtual money and generated income as an affiliate by referring our players to the real money sites. We are fully licensed which is something the majority of other Bitcoin providers are not, and we also have one of the best sportsbooks and a fantastic customer service team. The casino runs on a Softswiss platform, and the sportbetting one runs on Bettings. Our company won the Vodafone Business of the Year Award in 2012 which was very exciting, since then growing the business so quickly has been very satisfying.

JG: What led you to be interested in Bitcoin per se?

JF: My interest in gaming certainly came first. I was gambling full time for a number of years, all with real money. Then I decided to set up Flutterclub. We were approached by a Chinese investment group who assisted us in migrating the platform to a Bitcoin one. We loved the idea as it was new, fast, trendy, and secure.

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JG: Can you share some recent innovations with Flutterclub?

JF: We are now offering betting in XRP on the Ripple network – we are the only one to offer XRP betting/gaming at this time. We also have the best affiliate software around via our partners ‘Income Access.’

JG: What are the key differences of the experience with Flutterclub and a land-based casino?

JF: I would say that they are the speed of transactions, the better choice of games, and the higher limits.

JG: What can we expect from Flutterclub in the near future?

JF: We are already involved in the Asian market. Flutterclub casino and sportsbook are available in the Chinese language and the majority of our players come from Asia. Crypto betting is our game, and we will be adding other crypto-currencies to the platform as well. We will soon be incorporating a poker room which we are all very excited about.

JG: That is exciting. In any case, what do you think is preventing Bitcoin from reaching mainstream adoption?

JF: Obvious mishaps and bad publicity around Silk Road and Mt Gox have given a bad name to bitcoin in a lot of people’s perspective. I think the security element needs to be tightened so the masses will be more willing to use bitcoin. I also feel that a simple education process is required to help people understand the basics of how it all works.

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JG: What can you say about online gambling laws and cryptocurrency legality and regulation?

JF: I know it is a pretty grey area. Being licensed here in Ireland, we are not too concerned with this as we can accept all bets.

JG: Do you think a superior altcoin will surpass Bitcoin pretty soon?

JF: I think XRP has a good chance of this. The Ripple network is secure and well respected. Its market cap is around 20% of that of bitcoin, but it is increasing in popularity.

JG: Any Bitcoin price predictions?

JF: I have no idea, but let’s just hope it goes up!!!

JG: Finally, what would you like to say to Bitcoin novices out there?

JF: Buy a small amount, go buy something or have a small bet… Then get used to it, and you will never look back. If anyone would like to promote Flutterclub, they can earn up to 40% revenue share from players they send. Check out our affiliate programme:

English: https://casino.flutterclub.com/affiliates

Chinese: https://casino.flutterclub.com/zh/affiliates

JG: Thank you very much, John.

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