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teach-bitcoin-9952841All around the world, particularly in countries with successful tech economies like the United States, people are calling for schools to teach programming. Some believe that it should be offered as an elective, while others believe it should be a fixture of the core curriculum. Some argue that it should be made available during high school, while others are pushing for it to be a part of a person’s basic education, beginning in elementary.

Cryptocurrency is like dinosaurs

That there is such discourse around this topic reflects the enthusiasm with which people know that STEM­related subjects can boost their respective nation’s economy. To this debate, I would like to propose an alternative subject that is even more practical than programming for the simple fact that it encompasses it. This subject is cryptocurrency.

Before you dismiss me as another rabid Bitcoin fanatic, hear my argument out. Let’s take a look at a capsule topic that interests all children: dinosaurs. Though this subject may seem relatively superficial, the world of dinosaurs is actually a hub that can propel young children toward a variety of different subjects.

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What did they eat and drink? (biology) Why did some dinosaurs live in certain places, while other dinosaurs lived in different places? (geography) What makes a brontosaurus a brontosaurus? (taxonomy) How did a meteor bring about the extinction of dinosaurs? (astronomy)

Cryptocurrency can function much in the same way as a capsule topic like dinosaurs. It is admittedly less inherently interesting than dinosaurs, but what it lacks in sexiness it makes up in sheer relevance. Cryptocurrency has the potential to disrupt not just currency, but a myriad of other technologies. Learning about cryptocurrency, and in turn, the subjects that makes up its foundation, will give the discerning student an advantage.

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Because cryptocurrency disrupts traditional currency, it can get students interested in economics. Because cryptocurrency involves mining, it can get students interested in computer science, if not programming. Because cryptocurrency faces an uphill battle with regulation and legislation, it can get students interested in political science. Because cryptocurrency may change the very fabric of our society, it can get students interested in history and particularly the history of technology.

Indeed, cryptocurrency is more than a flash in the pan, but a hub where some of the most important topics and subjects of our day intersect in explosive fashion. While there are many other capsule subjects ­ genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, wearable technology ­ none quite have the gravitas that cryptocurrency currently enjoys.

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