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Bitcoin Press Release: has joined the bitcoin community by releasing a brand new gambling portal The company will bring the safest cryptocurrency gambling options for gamblers around the globe by picking the most trustworthy online casinos, poker and betting operators. will cooperate with only gambling operators that pass their strict review.

Company spokesperson Matt Beardsley explained,

“We see reliability as the key component of the well-being of gambling environment. As the cryptocurrency economy grows and governmental restrictions and supervision is nonexistent, crypto gambling has become an attractive environment for shady operators. We think that there is a clear need for a watch-dog within the community.” has been founded by crypto users with strong experience and expertise in gambling.

“We brought together the top young guns from cryptos and old breads from gambling industry. This allows us to monitor the crypto gambling environment with unprecedented accuracy”, Beardsley points out.

On top of finding the most trustworthy gambling operators, cares about money as well.

“We use monetary measures to rank the gambling operators and we constantly close exclusive deals with the gambling companies. When a player stumbles upon our site, he or she will find the best available deals on the most trustworthy gambling companies. In fact I would like to use this opportunity to announce that we have just made available the best bonus deal to Fortune Jack in 2018”, Beardsley concludes.

Company contact in English:

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