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Bitcoin Press Release: Stuart Ballan, Counting House representative, founder and organizer of Global Lottery Messenger Forum (GLMF), industry’s only annual conference, will become a speaker at Georgia Gaming Congress. Presentation will be interesting for everyone related to this industry or people/companies assessing entering the industry. Analogous to this, Director of Counting House – Isle-of-Man-based consultancy – Paul Davis will become […]

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Weathbet is a new Bitcoin betting site with a different style. Coin News had the brief chance to speak with a representative to share a little bit about this Bitcoin gaming site. Coin News: Every Bitcoin enthusiast has gone through a journey– what led you to be interested in Bitcoin? Weathbet: Everyone talks about reading the white paper […]

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Bitcoin Press Release: Cubits, a Berlin-based Bitcoin startup, aspires for a more Bitcoin-accepting world. As more communities warm up to the use of cryptocurrency, companies like Cubits find it ideal to create and develop a Bitcoin-related project to address the further need for diversification in the industry. Hence, the pursuit of Bitcoin integration in iGaming has come afloat. Tim Rehder, […]

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Coin News has spoken with Darren Austin to share some insights regarding their lottery platform. Read the first part here. Coin News: What are the key differences of the experience with Bitcoin casino and a land-based casino? Darren Austin: In many countries casinos are forbidden, while it is true that the experience of a land-based casino can be […]

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Coin News has spoken with Bobby of Nutz Poker to give us a quick look on the Enterra-powered Bitcoin poker room. You may read the first part here. Coin News: What do you think Bitcoin needs to become a more mainstream form of payment? Bobby: It’s only a matter of time before bitcoin is more mainstream thanks to websites like […]

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There are several factors that you need to consider when selecting a top Bitcoin poker website that suits your preferences and play poker with Bitcoin. Now, you can use your bitcoins for playing poker online and enjoy the astounding benefits of using this digital currency as well. Coin News has spoken with Bobby of Nutz Poker to give us a […]

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Surely, you only want nothing but the best experience in playing lottery with bitcoins. For you to achieve that, you must play only in the best lottery sites. Then work your way up to Bitcoin gambling. Bitcoin lottery is sure a great game as it offers tons of boons you can’t find in the usual one. This bitcoin game is […]

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This is the continuation of Coin News’s interview with Directbet representative, Michelle. You may read the first part here. Coin News:  What are the key differences of the experience with Bitcoin casino and a land-based casino? Michelle: Virtual currencies allow us to provide a completely instant and anonymous type of sports betting. No accounts are needed, not even an e-mail address. You […]

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This is the second part of the special coverage of Jubise Casino, with an exclusive statement by Artem Stryzov, Marketing Director. You may read the first part of the coverage here. Bitcoin On Focus While Bitcoins have become a central part of our strategy, we do not want to undermine our players that prefer playing with a fiat currency. These are […]

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The Bitcoin gambling niche is a vast one, but there are a few operators who have been active since the very early days. Once of them is Directbet. Coin News had the chance to speak with Michelle, representative of Directbet, to give us a backgrounder on their Bitcoin sportsbetting site. Coin News: What can you say is the […]

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