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As the excitement on the development and addition of different crypto currencies arises, great people behind the incredible cryptocurrencies is about to surprise the crypto world with a BANG!

In the next few days, this new platform comparable with Bitcoin is about to launch. It uses a currency application that allows a user to be highly anonymous and provide transactions freely. This system was built using the underlying Blockchain Technology for remitting money safely and evenly.

Fair Trade of Currency, Secured, and Swift Settlement are the main characteristics of Glory Coin. Equal and Swift transaction are the things that can be guaranteed to the traders. The system also gives you the security of the Blockchain to make it possible for someone to alter the data and be highly anonymous. Most importantly, this can enable you to complete remitting money immediately.

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Moreover, Glory Coin is reliable and involves high level utilization of the Blockchain Technology. Blockchain, technically is a data structure that uses cryptography in a P2P environment so that each participant on the network can manipulate the data in a secure way without the need for a central authority. The fees associated with this system are much cheaper than any centralized financial institution and it takes you a few seconds to complete the transaction wherever you send it. This is a great benefit for consumers as there is no management or organization for a highly secure transaction.

You can exchange Glory Coin for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like LTC, Ripple, and more through Dicewallet and Triple Dice Exchange. The trade market will be open in the next few days.

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