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Hello Markets is a financial solutions company with offices in Cyprus, Hong Kong, and London that provides white-label platforms to the online trading markets. And now, it has officially said its “hello” to bitcoin with a new agreement with Coinify, a Danish Bitcoin solution provider.

In addition, the company hopes that through cryptocurrency, the company can position itself strategically in line to do more business with Asian markets. In a recent statement by Jeremy Dahan, CEO of Hello Markets:

“80 percent of bitcoin buying & selling transactions are reportedly done against the Chinese Yuan, surpassing the U.S Dollar, Euro, and Yen. This strategy is made to provide a one-stop shop to our clients, as well as increase their customer base.

Hello Markets’ addition of Coinify to our list of PSP’s is expected to be met with enthusiasm across Asia and most notably China, where bitcoins have gained considerable popularity over the last few years.”

This is a rather fresher development from last week when they announced partnership with an Israeli Bitcoin company, Polycoin.

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In a statement made by Coinify for CoinJournal,

“Allowing Hello Markets to better facilitate its Chinese customer base, where bitcoins have gained considerable popularity over the last few years; while enabling Coinify to grow stronger presence in Asian markets after it has established as a market leader in Europe.”

More and more European-based cryptocurrency startups are eyeing the Asian markets by default. Also, with these trading companies, bitcoin is a more than a convenient alternative as traders can effortlessly deposit on their accounts faster and more efficiently than wire transfers. With bitcoin, the risk of fraud is highly minimised since Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Furthermore, bitcoin’s truly universal identity means that the traders do not need to have a bank account in order to make a deposit, and transaction fees are completely jettisoned.

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Learn more about the Bitcoin Asia situation here at Coin News.

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