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The CEO of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), Ashley Alder, said in a discourse that Hong Kong will before long manage all digital currency exchanging stages, regardless of whether they exchange securities. 

Digital currency and other virtual resource venture items have started financial specialists’ inclinations internationally in the previous not many years, and Hong Kong is no exemption, with certain ICOs and crypto ventures based there. Controllers in Hong Kong have been evaluating whether and how the digital currency industry ought to be managed, to encourage financial specialist security and forestall tax evasion, among different concerns. 

Money-related center points in Asia were among the first to react to such changing business sector tides. While Japan and Singapore have just executed their authorizing systems to require all cryptographic money exchanging stages to be controlled, Hong Kong likewise dispatched an administrative structure for virtual resource exchanging stages a year ago. 

In the 2019 Position Paper, the SFC set up an “opt in” authorizing system for administrators of concentrated web-based exchanging stages and offered exchanging of at any rate one security token. Under this administrative system, these administrators fall inside the locale of the SFC and can apply for a permit for leading Type 1 (managing in protections) and Type 7 (giving mechanized exchanging administrations) controlled exercises. Subject to meeting other permitting necessities, including the fit and appropriate rules, the SFC may then allow a permit to a certified stage administrator to carry on its virtual resource exchanging business. 

Among different activities, the SFC noticed a developing worry that some virtual resource exchanging stage administrators have discovered approaches to work so they fall outside the administrative transmissions of the SFC and other Hong Kong controllers. 

“This is a significant limitation, as under the current legislative framework if a platform operator is really determined to operate completely off the regulatory radar it can do so simply by ensuring that its traded crypto assets are not within the legal definition of a security,” said Ashley Alder, CEO of the SFC, in his discourse on 3 November 2020. 

Birch further shows that, thus, the Hong Kong government will propose another “get all” authorizing system under its enemy of tax evasion enactment, requiring all digital money exchanging stages working or focusing on speculators in worldwide budgetary focuses to apply for a SFC permit. As such, regardless of whether these stages are offering or exchanging “protections”, they will before long fall inside the new administrative ambit. 

Until this point in time, many digital money trades work in Hong Kong, including a portion of the world’s biggest trades, however many decided not to apply for a permit under the current system.

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