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nextsoftsys-5914158It is said that a nation which can take care of it start-ups is bound to grow in the near future. Keeping this in mind under the leadership of Mr. Narendra Modiji, there have been many reforms which provide protection to start-ups, however, one of the start-ups which are facing a tough time right now are the Indian hardware start-ups. Unlike their counterpart software start-ups who are having a great time with a steady growth, hardware start-ups are nearing even more difficult days ahead.

As regards angel investors and big multinationals if given a choice of investing in a start-up, there most obvious choice without a doubt happens to be a start-up software company India. There are reasons for this, as India is the most engaging software provider to almost the entire world.

Not that effort have not been made in order to uplift the start-ups in Hardware but the competition still prevails and hardware start-ups fail to remain as tempting for an investor than the software start-ups. According to Vaibhav Chhabra who studies in Boston, happened to return to Indian in the year 2013 says that in spite of working hard to bring the hardware start-ups to a level similar to software start-ups , it hasn’t shown any positive results. There are many challenges and impediments which stop from fostering growth in this field. Few of the bottleneck which is causing problems are poor infrastructure, poor distribution system. Secondly, the competition is fierce; there are cheaper counterparts which seem to be more attractive to the Indian consumer. A lot can be blamed on the Chinese products which are being dumped into the Indian market that too at a very low price. This has pulled the demand from Indian made products to Chinese made products.

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Regulatory compliance is yet another big problem. The government is slow in implementing and passing a particular thing, that by the time it is passed and manufactured it is deemed to be obsolete. There have been devices and technologies which have been incorporated at the same time in India and well as rest of the world, but sadly it has not yet been introduced in the Indian market but is steadily being used in other parts of the world. This is particularly due to red tapes and delay in passing important decision. One of the biggest examples of this is the drones. Drones are being very commonly used in the west despite it being discussed with the Indian government at the same time as the west but as regards India we are still quite conservative in our approach in order to make use of new and versatile devices.

However, there is still a ray of hope as this year Mr. Narendra Modi has stressed a lot on the concept of make in India this will not only give a push to the hardware-software but will also make it walk in the shoulder to shoulder with Indian software start-up. It will also get rid of cheap counterparts who are being dumped into the Indian economy by the Chinese manufacturers.

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