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Note: This is a migrated article. The original date of publication of this article is on May 17, 2015.

There aren’t a lot of similar projects right now for this new member driven collaborative system introduced to us by Daniel Greene, founder of Corona. I had a swift chance to speak to him about this new open-source software which shows support to platforms like Ethereum, NXT, and of course, bitcoin.

Jay-R Gatdula: Hi Daniel, quick interview: can you tell us a bit about Corona and how you came to work on it?

Daniel Greene: We are actually a community driven organization. I’ve been thinking about this project for over a year since I learned about Ethereum. Challenges I’ve encountered are mainly due to the rapidly changing landscape of blockchain technology. I learned about Bitcoin 4 years ago and having an economics background, I realized it had the potential to be revolutionary. Once I understood I could use my GPU card to create money, I was hooked.

JG: What can you say is the best thing about Corona in comparison with other crypto-centered businesses?

DG: We have the opportunity to work with all players in the space. Our model protects us against a failure of any one specific technology. Consumers aren’t used to technology that gives them so much control and at the same time responsibility over their choices. I believe that the technology is going mainstream. There is simply a learning curve which needs to be overcome with better user experience. Since launching this organization, I have enjoyed learning and speaking with very interesting thought leaders in the space. We are exploring new ways to use cryptotokens in order to create decentralized business models and increase economic efficiency.

JG: And of course, do you have price predictions?

DG: I feel there is a strong upside to investing in Bitcoin; however, I feel the outcome will be binary, either $0 or a lot more than it is today.

JG: What can you say about Bitcoin evangelists who think it is hypocritical when supporters who are critical of banks are also critical of alternative cryptocurrency?

DG: I don’t really think that it is hypocritical because they are likely critical of banks for different reasons than of altcoins. I am a big supporter of Bitcoin and believe it is well ahead of any competition. I don’t think there will be a one takes all type winner, I believe there will be a number of cryptocoins each with their own advantages and perhaps even operating with one another. Bitcoin due to its broad infrastructure is likely to remain a store of value, and thanks to its massive mining power is arguably the most secure blockchain to date.

JG: For the general Bitcoin community, what do you want to impart with them in general?

DG: Kindly watch:

Also, if you want to build an awesome decentralized application, check out our project at Corona, we are working to help turn vision into reality.
JG: Thank you very much, Daniel. 

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