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Trend Micro, a security firm conducted a research with regard to the Japanese cybercrime scene.  According to their findings, the internet underground industry in the region is still pretty much in their “infancy” stage. Most cyber criminals are still learning to utilize the tools to conduct a proper cybercrime campaign. For many the rookie hackers, online message boards are the […]

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The Japanese cryptocurrency management platform has raised 2.3 million USD in seed funding from VCs and angel investors. A Tokyo-based startup, Orb, launched a management platform called SmartCoin. Previously known as Coinpass, it also introduced a cloud computing system that’s decentralized and leverages the Blockchain authentication tech with easier facilitation using SmartCoin. The people behind Orb are planning to distribute […]

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Japanese police had captured Mark Karpeles on Saturday. Mark Karpeles, is being held regarding the loss of bitcoins worth $387m last February. Karpeles is the CEO of the fizzled Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange, one of the claiming he had swelled his trade account through hacking in for spendable dough, an embarrassment that severely harmed the notoriety of the virtual online […]

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While Bitcoin has had negative criticism in Japan taking after the breakdown of the Mt. Gox Bitcoin exchange a year ago, the arrangement is a positive one getting up and go for the cryptocurrency in the nation. It’s an intriguing arrangement for Singapore based Quoine Pte. Ltd. who has been beforehand known for its Bitcoin exchanging platform and hasn’t already done […]

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