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japan-cybercrime-2859646Trend Micro, a security firm conducted a research with regard to the Japanese cybercrime scene.  According to their findings, the internet underground industry in the region is still pretty much in their “infancy” stage. Most cyber criminals are still learning to utilize the tools to conduct a proper cybercrime campaign. For many the rookie hackers, online message boards are the schools for which they learn most of the trade. These bulletin board systems and message boards are vital in the bustling Japanese cybercriminal ecosystem.

As a major aspect of the study, Trend Micro says it entered the deep web and gathered 2,224 underground Japanese URLs, under 11 one of a kind domains.  On one of the sites, “Ken-Mou wiki@Tor”, contained connections to Bitcoin administrations and BBS attached to different pages with illegal substance, which included data on explicit entertainment and prohibited drugs. Not the majority of the 2,224 URLs, on the other hand, were expressly identified with cybercrime.

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Among the offerings found in the Japanese underground were telephone number databases; travel permits for 12 distinct nations available to be purchased; and stolen account qualifications, for example, different Mastercard, PayPal, and Secure Shell (SSH) account certifications, recorded for a charge.

The Japanese black market offers products, as well as hacking guidance. Clients can get tips on hacking adversaries, coercing cash with malware, and where to get the instruments they would require doing so. However, despite the ill-favored use of the Bitcoin technology in these instances, the main Japanese research organization and frameworks integrator, Nomura Research Institute (NRI), as of late declared an up and coming exploration venture on the achievability of actualizing new advancements, including Blockchain, into the securities business.

“The unique value created by the merger of existing business with advanced technologies and services provided by new ventures, such as blockchain, is a large area of interest for the financial services industry in Japan and worldwide. We imagine there are possibilities that we can make management practice of securities more efficient with the technology. The impetus behind creating this study emerged from NRI’s continuous commitment to promote open innovation, based on the understanding that the financial and technology sectors are becoming increasingly linked,” stated the Nomura Research Institute.

While there has not been a lot of exploration directed by Japanese organizations, applying Blockchain innovation to the securities business has been investigated widely somewhere else.

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